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Kat Alyst Opens Up About 2020, Expectations Vs. Reality: “This Year, You Either Took Action or Stayed Quiet”

by eyesonhollywood

The artist, who attracted a large crowd online with vibrant imagery and dreamy self-portraits over the years, got candid about dreams and aspirations taking a major turn during an interview on Sunday.

Kat Alyst is opening up about her fight for others being louder than ever.

“I’m not here to be praised for standing up for what’s right. All I’m trying to do is motivate others and educate where possible, cross promote groups, people, and organizations that are doing the detailed work—not only this year but since forever. The pandemic hit everyone with a curveball, and late to the game or not, this year, you either took action or stayed quiet and watched when things got real and loud.”

Alyst is no stranger to humanitarian work and fighting for justice. “Sometimes the fight isn’t always on the streets with a megaphone… sometimes it starts with you. Normalize doing the research, correcting yourself, admitting when you’re wrong, or saying thank you for correcting me on that. Egos blinded America from the start… the rest is a ripple effect. Here we are today in this jumbled mess that’s hard to untangle because too many people have been afraid to say, I’m wrong…”

Alyst, when asked what her original plans were for the year, she says it didn’t turn out as planned… and that’s a good thing.

“New years get everyone at least thinking, ‘it’s gonna be my year,’” she laughs, “and I’m lying if I say I don’t get into that hype at least for a couple of days. I really felt something different was going to happen this year though, and because my ego was in the way, I was a little more self-centered than I should’ve been.”

“It’s not about me,” she pauses, “it’s about us.”

This year has definitely shaken everyone up, and given us a fight or do nothing mentality. You either had to hustle to make ends meet, stand up, be loud, and if you’re really awake; you’re not going to stop this momentum anytime soon.

We agree, and we want rapid change to come.

“It’s long overdue,” Alyst sighs.

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