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Brandon Washington’s “How to be a dreamer” Debuts at #1 on Amazon

by eyesonhollywood
After a decade, Brandon Washington releases his second book detailing his life’s journey to becoming the mogul he is today and fans are here for it! Brandon, also known as WriterBoy, took the world by storm at the age of 17 after publishing his first book and now 27 he’s accomplished heights such as being on Forbes at 26 and working with networks such as Netflix and Amazon.

In his book he details fighting to make it in the industry he mentions people that have helped him along the way such as Ray J, Wuz Good (Wes Armstrong), and many more. When asked how he feels to continue to accomplish these heights in the industry and he said:

“It feels like people can hear me now, and now I think it’s time that I speak.”

By Brandon Washington

With yet another accolade under his belt Brandon says he is seeking one thing:

“I want to change lives, it’s time that I show the world how human I am, that way they really know that if I can do it, so can they.”

Brandon started writing this book in 2019 so we asked him, what would you tell the YOU that started this book years ago?

He answered

“I would tell him you got this, to not give up and know that you’re stronger than you think, God has you, more than you even know.”

Brandon is a voice for the dreamers as “How to be a dreamer” debuts #1 on Amazon, once again proving that there are no limitations when you dream.

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