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Rock and Roll will not survive without Saulo Oliveira

by eyesonhollywood
Since Saulo Oliveira S., a then fashion model, released his EP “Prince of Rock” the alternative music scene has changed. Now, the world has a fresh Rock royalty. After going through his spellbinding catalogue every tongue must confess, Saulo Oliveira is the Prince of Rock.

This imposing emblem appears not only as an honorific title but also as the outline of a brand with the potential for exponential expansion in contemporary pop culture. After all, the British-Brazilian musician has presence, sex appeal, star quality, intelligence and personality, all essential attributes to succeed in Hollywood.

Although laconic and mysteriously elusive, Saulo’s charm lies precisely in his mystical aura; he is a wizard of words whilst the most beautiful face of Rock nowadays.

Speaking of the due, Saulo was recently confirmed as “the sexiest rocker alive” by Vents magazine, and he embodies the “Rock chic” style so well that he also appeared in the fashion magazine Elucid.

The face of many outlets, he has been two times the cover of the Rock Life Today Magazine (June edition 2022 and December edition 2022), and for the second time he was granted the title of “Rocker of The Year”. Saulo was also on the cover of the Hollywood Gossip’s “Musicians on Musician” in December 2022 and was on the cover of “Avec Élégance Magazine”, (March 2023).

But, in addition to beauty, the rockstar is endowed with an unavoidable creative intellectual depth.

And, as Rock and Roll welcome extreme creativity, there could not have been a better genre to welcome Saulo who, in addition to proving his Shakespearean skill as a storyteller, also mixes the genre with pop, hip-hop and classical music.

In this symbiotic logic, Rock and Roll won’t go very far without Saulo and vice versa. The genre has been renewed, from time to time, because figures of the like of Saulo rise and awaken interest in Rock in new generations.

That’s why he can’t stop. The genre requires the presence of a superlative potent persona bringing together an amalgam of attributes that invigorate music into an apotheotic cultural revolution. The good news? The model seems to be the chosen one.

Understanding his calling Oliveira recently announced the release of a new album, scheduled for next year. Gone are the days when Saulo was looked upon as a promise. Everything indicates that a phase is beginning in which the potential will become prolifically potent and period.

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