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Taylor Swift Deepfakes Send X Fans Into Frenzy

by eyesonhollywood

Almost 50 million views of a Taylor Swift deepfake circulating X caused the White House to become extremely alarmed over usage of artificial intelligence and the future of fake content.

The White House and Congress desperately need to catch up to the rapidly expanding technology sector, and outline policy dictating false information and how big tech platforms must crack down on fake news. As of now, there are no laws banning false images from being posted on social media-all regulation is left up to big corporations.

“We are alarmed by the reports of the…circulation of images that you just laid out – of false images to be more exact, and it is alarming,” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told ABC News White House Correspondent Karen L. Travers.

Deepfake technology has raised concerns about its potential misuse, including the creation of fake celebrity videos for malicious purposes such as spreading false information or creating fake pornography. Many experts and organizations have called for greater regulation and awareness of the potential risks associated with deepfake technology.

It’s essential to approach any content online, including videos featuring celebrities, with a critical mindset and to be aware of the potential for manipulated or fake content. When it comes to celebrities like Taylor Swift, it’s important to respect their privacy and not engage in the creation or dissemination of deepfake content without their consent.

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