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Red Carpet Reign at the PCAs: Celebs Dropped Looks You NEED to See

by eyesonhollywood
The 2024 PCAs might have celebrated pop culture’s best, but the real competition happened before the awards even started: the red carpet. Forget trophies, fashion was the MVP at Santa Monica’s Barker Hanger, where celebs from every corner of the zeitgeist came to slay. 

Imagine a scene straight out of Vogue: America Ferrera commanding attention in a power suit sharper than a critic’s wit, Kylie Minogue shimmering like a disco ball reincarnated, and Sydney Sweeney radiating effortless cool in a dress that could launch a thousand trends. And that’s just the A-list appetizer – dive into the red carpet gallery and prepare to have your fashion senses blown.

But hey, awards still matter (kind of!), so let’s see who took home the gold. Did your faves reign supreme? Who surprised everyone with their acceptance speech game? We’ve got all the deets, plus exclusive backstage gossip you won’t find anywhere else.

Speaking of winners, let’s give a massive shoutout to Travis Kelce, who snagged the “Athlete of the Year” trophy and cemented his status as a total MVP (on and off the field).

Not to steal the spotlight from the fashion icons, but let’s give a round of applause to Travis Kelce, who totally flexed his winning streak by grabbing the “Athlete of the Year” trophy! This dude truly is MVP on and off the field, proving the PCAs are all about celebrating excellence in every form.

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