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“Rising Above Average: The Multifaceted Journey of Brandon Hultman”

by eyesonhollywood
Hello Mr. Hultman, we’re excited to get to know you better! We understand that your time is valuable, so please feel free to answer as many or as few of our questions as you’d like. We appreciate any insight you can share with us!

You’ve journeyed from the scenic landscapes of Virginia to the bustling life of Los Angeles. How has this transition shaped your perspective on life and personal growth? 

The transition from Virginia to Los Angeles has been tremendous. From the moment I landed in LA, I sensed an energy; it felt like “air and opportunity.” I knew then that I was going to move to Los Angeles. Living here has shifted my perspective, fostering appreciation and gratitude for my life, my calling, and my purpose. In a church sermon, my pastor discussed the Five C’s, and the third one was Common Sense. It was common sense for me to move to Los Angeles to pursue the possibility of achieving my purpose. My personal growth has surged as I’ve taken necessary steps and stepped out of my comfort zone. Writing, networking, public speaking, content creation, certifications, etc. were skills I hadn’t utilized until recent years. Working on these once-weak points has made me universally stronger, more accomplished, skillful, and ultimately, a more interesting person.

Your passion for fitness is evident. Can you share a transformation story that has impacted you the most as a personal trainer? 

Yes, I have many, but I’ll highlight my long-time client and friend, Erich S. His transformation resonates with me because I’ve witnessed firsthand how, as his physique changed, so did his confidence, influencing all aspects of his life. His social circle expanded, his romantic life flourished, and even his professional life improved — he was promoted and relocated to a new city, among other things. He constantly shares updates about his new adventures and joys in life as we continue his fitness journey. You might wonder, what exactly was the transformation? Erich went from being quite slender at 6’1” and 165 lbs, with low confidence, to a robust 6’1” weighing 200lbs, radiating pride!

With over 16 years in the fitness industry, what’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned that you’d like to pass on to others? 

There’s an over complication in thinking. The fitness industry can be perplexing, but it shouldn’t be. The formula for achieving fitness goals is straightforward: TIME + EFFORT x DURATION = ACHIEVED RESULTS. This means that the number of days a week, combined with the intensity of effort, spread over weeks, months, or years, determines the results. Instead of constantly asking “how,” choose a role model who inspires you and follow their program. Everything else will fall into place.

June 29th, 2013 marks a significant date in your life journey. How do you reflect upon your path of recovery and the strength it took to embark on it? 

I was raised with the belief that Hultmans are average, so praising myself is a stretch beyond my comfort zone. However, acknowledging my strengths is an area where I’ve grown personally. I contemplate my recovery journey and the fortitude it required from two perspectives. Firstly, in the most direct sense, it was challenging, bleak, isolating, and felt devoid of hope. Secondly, from a spiritual standpoint, it was a weighty gift leading to brighter days, both under God’s watch and at places like Venice Beach, offering introspection and a renewed sense of purpose. While it’s tempting to claim that the strength was always within me, in truth, during my weakest moments, it was my family that formed the bedrock. Without them, I wouldn’t be here to pursue my life’s mission.

How do your tattoos chronicle specific moments in your life, and which one holds the most significance for you? 

Growing up, I was, and remain, a fan of comic book superheroes. In many ways, I’ve always aspired to be like them. When I decided to narrate my life through tattoos, it served a dual purpose: I love superheroes, and I can use specific characters to depict the various personalities or stages of addiction, depending on the hero or villain. While each tattoo holds significance, one that stands out and can resonate with anyone trying to make a positive change, whether it’s overcoming addiction or committing to a new fitness regimen, is: “Why Do We Fall? So We Can Learn To Pick Ourselves Back Up…”. In the journey to overcome addiction or initiate a fitness program, one might face setbacks multiple times. The key is not to dwell in self-criticism, but rather to rise, dust off, and give it another shot, as many times as it takes. Ultimately, success lies in trying just one more time than giving up.

As a life coach, what’s the most common obstacle you find people face, and how do you guide them to overcome it? 

My primary focus is on sobriety, health & wellness, and guiding my clients on how to integrate these priorities into their daily lives. The most prevalent challenge I encounter is ‘time’. Many clients grapple with organizing their days, weeks, and months to allocate sufficient time for their objectives. To address this, I employ my 3-5-7 method. The foundational principle is straightforward: at the start of each month, clients reflect on their schedule and ask themselves two key questions: “Will I exercise 3, 5, or 7 days a week?” and “Will I eat 3, 5, or 7 times a day?”. Over my 16+ years of one-on-one work with clients, I’ve identified three general types of gym enthusiasts: those who exercise mainly for health benefits and aren’t particularly passionate about it (typically 3x a week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday), those who relish it but reserve weekends for “miscellaneous” activities (5x a week: Monday – Friday), and the aficionados who train daily (7x a week: Monday – Sunday). Similarly, in terms of diet, there are those who prefer 3 meals a day (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner), those opting for 5 meals a day (including Breakfast, a snack, Lunch, another snack, and Dinner), and the grazers or those adhering strictly to 6-7 pre-planned lean meals a day. I’ve also adapted the 3-5-7 method to incorporate AA meetings, paired with gym sessions, for those who benefit from them.

With a zest for adventure and constantly seeking new challenges, can you recall an adventure or experience that truly pushed you out of your comfort zone?

This one’s straightforward! I have a profound fear of heights. To challenge this phobia, I’ve skydived twice and have gone ziplining multiple times. Regrettably, these experiences haven’t helped me conquer my fear of heights, haha.

You’ve mentioned the importance of focusing on little victories in life. Can you share a recent “little victory” that made a big difference for you? 

In our rapidly advancing technological landscape, and with the aspiration to impact more lives than I could through traditional personal training, I chose to create my own fitness app: SUPER-S.E.T [Safe. Effective. Training]. Although, like most passion projects, its development took longer than anticipated, I’m proud to announce that SUPER-S.E.T is now available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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Your approach to life is very much about being in the present while moving forward. How do you strike a balance between living in the moment and planning for the future? 

My response to this is twofold: Firstly, I deeply love my chosen profession(s). Secondly, I’m self-employed. While I understand not everyone has the inclination or means to work for themselves, I firmly believe that if possible, everyone should seek work they truly enjoy and prioritize that passion over immediate financial gain. Even during times when I was employed by others, I functioned as a Personal Trainer, relishing the opportunity to be compensated for helping people lead healthier and more enriching lives.

Being a writer, how does the act of writing influence your perspective on life, and what do you hope readers take away from your stories? 

I always sensed I would write a book, yet I never truly identified as a writer. Embarking on this journey has broadened my perspective on life, pushing me to evolve and excel in areas that don’t come instinctively to me. While I naturally excel in physical tasks, given my aptitude for hands-on work, I’ve historically found it challenging to be stationary and engage my cognitive faculties. However, by embracing my identity as both an author and writer, I’ve made substantial strides in my writing journey. Instead of saying I will write a book, I now affirm that I am writing a book. Consequently, my daily actions align with what I believe a writer does to achieve their aim: I commit to writing.

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You’ve spoken about the guidance of faith in your life. Can you share an instance where your faith was tested and how you navigated through it?

I was introduced to the Serenity Prayer in AA, but its true value manifested during my divorce from my ex-wife. After committing wholeheartedly to the relationship, believing she was the one I’d grow old with, the dissolution of our marriage left me adrift and devoid of purpose. During these tumultuous times, the Serenity Prayer served as a beacon, guiding me through the intricacies of grief and helping me come to terms with the unfolding events. It instilled in me the belief that this journey, as painful as it was, aimed to fortify me, enhancing my wisdom and empathy. This transformation allows me to better comprehend, assist, and guide those I encounter in my life.

As you work towards becoming a motivational speaker, what message or story do you feel most compelled to share with audiences? 

I assure you, you’re stronger than you think. I’m a Hultman, and I consider myself average, much like many others. Yet, determination and perseverance are traits we all have the potential to embody. Honestly, if I can achieve and maintain my goals, so can every single one of you.

You have a unique blend of professional pursuits, from fitness to writing. How do these diverse passions intersect and complement each other in your life? 

I’ve always believed that by honing in on one’s weaknesses, an individual can become more well-rounded. Embracing writing has proven this for me. While being energetic, taking instinctive actions, and utilizing my physical abilities come naturally to me, sitting at a desk, pondering, typing, and staying organized weren’t my strong suits. Now, they are.

Lastly, for someone reading this who’s on the cusp of making a major life decision or change, what advice would you offer based on your own experiences? 

If you’re contemplating a positive life change or decision, go for it! While change can indeed be daunting, it’s also incredibly revitalizing. The benefits stemming from personal and/or professional growth are boundless and are sure to enhance your life!

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