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 Patriotic Pride on Display at “The Relentless Patriot” Premiere

by eyesonhollywood

The red carpet was rolled out at The Times Center Building for the highly anticipated premiere of “The Relentless Patriot,” a powerful documentary spotlighting the life and work of artist and activist Scott LoBaido. The film delves deeply into LoBaido’s 30-year journey advocating for American patriotism through his bold, patriotic artworks, offering a comprehensive look at his dedication to his country and his craft.

The glamorous event drew an impressive crowd of celebrities, public figures, and art/film enthusiasts. Notable attendees included former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, an outspoken supporter of American values and civic pride, who praised LoBaido’s unwavering commitment to his cause.

Actress Drea de Matteo, best known for her iconic role on The Sopranos, was present to celebrate LoBaido’s inspiring story. She expressed admiration for his massive American flag paintings, patriotic murals, and unwavering dedication to promoting love of country through his art. LoBaido’s work, which clearly resonated with the acclaimed actress, has touched the hearts of many across the nation.

Setting the patriotic tone for the evening was a stirring performance of the national anthem by country singer Alexis Wilkins. Her powerful vocals kicked off the night’s celebration of artistic expression and national pride, leaving the audience moved and inspired.

Adding further cultural significance was the presence of Zainab Jah, renowned for her role in Black Panther. Jah’s attendance underscored how LoBaido’s decades-long mission to promote American values and identity through public artworks has transcended communities, reaching a diverse and wide-ranging audience.

Directed by the talented Christopher Martini and produced by the esteemed Global Ascension Studios team, which includes Frank Torchia, Dan Caropreso, and executive producers Joshua Macciello, Arthur Sarkissian, and Derek Chan, the film captivated all attendees. LoBaido’s inspirational true story blends patriotism, activism, and the arts in a way that is both unique and profoundly impactful.

As “The Relentless Patriot” hits theaters nationwide, audiences across the country will have the opportunity to experience this celebration of one man’s relentless pursuit to unite communities through his uniquely American artworks and enduring love for the nation’s ideals. The documentary not only highlights LoBaido’s artistic achievements but also serves as a testament to the power of art in fostering national unity and pride.

The premiere event was a testament to the broad appeal of LoBaido’s message. It was a night that celebrated not only the artist himself but also the enduring spirit of patriotism that he has championed throughout his career. “The Relentless Patriot” promises to inspire viewers and ignite a renewed sense of pride and appreciation for the values and ideals that define America.

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