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Family Karma Fan Meets Author Avni Parekh Before Show’s Season Finale

by eyesonhollywood
Avni Parekh, author, founder of Be The Bigger Person™ athleisurewear, and reality TV star brightens the day of a very special Bravo TV viewer and Family Karma supporter with a private meet-and-greet event and book signing at the swanky Thesis Hotel in Coral Gables, Florida. 

Family Karma, the wholesome reality TV show Bravo fans are raving about and that’s been trending on Twitter, is days away from its season 3 finale. Part of what makes the show so special is its down-to-earth cast. 

Avni Parekh,a newcomer to the show, quickly became a fan favorite this season. Her funny and impactful appearances in season 3 made the show’s enthusiasts wonder more about her. One of those people is Indiana native Danique Thompson. “A successful, self-made businesswoman,” as Avni describes on her Instagram post, Danique watches Bravo’s Family Karma and has tuned in since season 1.

An avid reader we imagine, who Avni writes is “big on books,” Danique kindly shares her thoughts about the show and cast on Twitter. She also goes the extra mile by supporting their causes and businesses. For instance, after learning that Avni is an author from an early episode in the season, she bought a copy of Avni’s book Be The Bigger Person: Scenarios & Solutions to Better Yourself. Finding many of the situations relatable to her own life and continually seeking to better herself, Danique reached out to the insightful author on Twitter when the season first aired to share she bought her book.

Forging a conversation with Family Karma’s Indian Barbie doll on Twitter, Danique asked Avni when her next book signing would be and waited patiently for the next event to be announced. In Avni’s Instagram post, she notes that the Bravo fan recently “came to Miami to visit family,” and most recently, Danique reached out to the big-eyed beauty mentioning she’s going back home and would love nothing more than to get her book signed.

Meeting up at Mamey Miami’s oasis-like bar on the first floor, located within the tropical Thesis Hotel in Coral Gables, Danique had a chance to talk with Avni about the show she cherishes so much. And, get her copy of Avni’s self-help book, Be The Bigger Person, signed! Aside from a private meet-and-greet and book signing, the two enjoyed the venue’s signature drinks compliments of their hosts at Mamey Miami. Delving further on the fun experience, Avni’s captions she treated the two to “some delicious bites by Chef Niven.”

On an Instagram story that Avni reposted that was originally shared by Danique, the midwest beauty tells her social media audience that Avni is “literally one of the sweetest souls out there!” We’re getting a clear understanding of why Avni is so loved by Family Karma fans — she’s authentic, genuine, generous, and connects with the viewers — we’ll continue to report on this remarkable author and Bravo’s newest Bollywood star in the making.  

Family Karma episode 15 is scheduled to air Sunday, February 26th at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV. This is the show’s most-anticipated episode of the year, closing out an incredible season with an epic finale, with the beautiful Avni Parekh in tow.


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