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Jessamyn Dodd Brings Influencers and Brands Together thru Posh Media

by eyesonhollywood

Jessamyn Dodd is the owner of Posh Media which manages top influencers all over the world. She has
drawn on her experience as a celebrity photographer and Hollywood insider to grow and cultivate a network
of top brands and influencers. In addition to working with brands like Serta Pets, The Honest Kitchen, and
many more, Jessamyn (also known as Jessy Dodd) and her dog Mishka The Tiny have a popular blog and
YouTube channel where she shares her life in Los Angeles as well as videos reviewing pet products. By
partnering with other businesses that want their product promoted by influencers such as popular Instagram
dogs, and actress Natanya Ross.
Jessamyn offers some insight into the process of building successful partnerships. “Influencer marketing has
been around for years and companies are including it in their marketing budget,” says Dodd. “It focuses on
promoting products or services through word-of-mouth endorsements by people who have established
credibility in their field.” Influencers are big business and can be found all over the globe. The internet has
made it easier than ever before to market your brand online.
Jessy has found a way to give back to her community. In addition to running Mishka’s Instagram page, and
Posh Media, she started a 501(c)3 Non-Profit called Pet First Aid Inc which supplies pet owners who have
been affected by natural disasters and poverty first aid kits for animals. She cites Mishka as her inspiration for
starting the charity.
You can read her blog and view the influencers and brands she currently works with on the Posh Media

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