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Addison Rae Deletes Controversial, Racy Religious Bikini Photos

by eyesonhollywood
TikTok powerhouse Addison Rae faces backlash over scandalous Holy-Trinity themed bikini.

The 21-year old influencer posted on her Instragam a photo of herself wearing a racy Christian-inspired bikini. The bikini had “Father” and “Son” written on the top with “Holy Spirit” written on the bottoms.

Addison posted a closeup picture of her revealing just the top of the Holy Trinity bikini, which was made by the brand Praying in collaboration with Adidas.

The image instantly received heat and negative criticism by many of Addison’s followers stating the provocative shot was “blasphemous”. This instant disapproval ultimately led Rae to delete the image from her social media. Yet, this was not before commenters flooded the comment section to give their insight into the controversial bikini picture.

“Is nobody gonna talk about this disrespecting religions”, one commenter wrote. With another commenter writing, “This is not okay! BLASPHEMY!”.

The overwhelming disapproval of this rather bold bikini shot only puts Rae and her family into deeper hot waters.

Just weeks ago, Addison Rae’s father, 46 year old Monty Lopez, was under fire after it was revealed he had a five month affair with a woman just a few years older than Addison. The 25 year old woman involved in the affair was reportedly “misled” into thinking Lopez’s marriage to Rae’s mother, Sheri Easterling, was done and over with when it wasn’t.

Now, Rae has managed to remain riddled with controversy by posting the $100 Holy Trinity bikini photo that set negative shock waves for those that follow this famous influencer.

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