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eBay your way to a Night with the Stars: Neil Gaiman and The Art of Elysium’s Stellar Collaboration for the 2024 HEAVEN Gala

by eyesonhollywood
The City of Angels is abuzz with the latest collaboration between The Art of Elysium and the legendary Neil Gaiman, offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hobnob with the stars at the 2024 HEAVEN Gala. In a philanthropic twist, this magical pairing has joined forces with eBay to auction off exclusive experiences and collectibles, with proceeds benefiting The Art of Elysium’s noble cause. The auction, which opens its virtual doors on December 11th, 2023, promises to be a treasure trove for fans and philanthropists alike.

Your Ticket to the Stars

Imagine walking the red carpet at The Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles, rubbing shoulders with the glitterati, and basking in the ethereal atmosphere of the 25th-anniversary HEAVEN Gala. This dream can be your reality with the auction’s offerings, including two coveted tickets to the gala, a personal encounter with Neil Gaiman, and a chance to own a piece of literary history with signed editions of his iconic works.

A Celestial Theme: Mystical Library

Neil Gaiman, the mastermind behind acclaimed works like ‘American Gods’, will be honored with the Visionary Award at the gala. In line with his unparalleled imagination, the event’s theme is envisioned as a mystical library, a sanctuary of stories and wisdom. Michael Ralph, the acclaimed production designer of ‘Good Omens’, will be bringing this enchanting concept to life.

Honoring the Hearts of Gold

The gala doesn’t just celebrate artistic genius; it also honors big hearts. Actress Amy Smart and TV host Carter Oosterhouse will be recognized with The Spirit of Elysium Award for their exceptional charitable work. In a heartfelt nod to unwavering support during challenging times, actress Cara Santana will receive a retrospective award for her efforts during the global pandemic.

A Star-Studded Sky

The night promises to be a galaxy of stars, with an impressive roster of celebrities lending their support. Expect to see the likes of Yetide Badaki, Jon Hamm, Patton Oswalt, and a constellation of other luminaries gracing the event.

About The Art of Elysium and the HEAVEN Gala

The Art of Elysium, since its inception in 1997, has been a guiding light, encouraging artists from all walks of life to share their talents with children facing serious medical conditions. The HEAVEN Gala is their crowning event, a celebration of art and altruism, featuring installations curated by global visionaries and honoring those who’ve made significant contributions to the organization’s mission.

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