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Julia Fox’s Stance on Ye and Kim K

by eyesonhollywood
Julia Fox, model, actress, and recent Gen Z icon recently revealed her current relationships with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. 

Fox, who briefly dated the controversial designer and rapper in early 2022, said that she has not spoken to him in about a year. “Like, I don’t even think he knows my full name or anything,” she said after reminding Andy Cohen that they only dated for a month. She says during their relationship, they only ever really talked about clothes, their plans for the future, and their childhood.

As for Kim, Fox claims she “always had a love for Kim,” but the two have not spoken. They have been in the same room together since Fox’s breakup with Ye, but the opportunity simply has not presented itself yet. At the time, Kardashian was with Pete Davidson. 

Fox also claims that she wanted to change Ye, and brags that during their month together he was completely off of social media and their relationship was kept private. But after he began tweeting again, she was out. The universal law of not being able to change who you are dating passes the test yet again.

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