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All about ”Hot Damn!”, Van Hechter’s cool, cool new album!

by eyesonhollywood
Van Hechter first ”blew up” in 2020 with an EP entitled ”Love Elastic”. His specific style, tongue twisters, ”Depeche Mode” type vocals and ”I will do it my way or no way” mentality charmed the US underground, first in NYC and Chicago, then the rest of the country followed… By the end of the pandemic, he’d become somewhat of a icon to ”underdogs” of all sorts, especially to teenagers or young adults who feel the established system isn’t working for them. What Van seems to represent it a sense of possibilities, his personae is proof that one can be totally outside of boxes while leading a lovely, rich life. Well he’s back and better than ever (if you ask me) with a new EP: ”Hot Damn!”. Here’s what he had to say about it.

Eyes on Hollywod Interviewer: First off, I love all the songs on your new EP and I think this is your best work yet!

Van Hechter: Well thank you! We dug deeper than usual this time around, musically and in terms of lyrics. It’s been 4 years since we’ve released a proper EP and we’ve evolved since ”Love Elastic”. These 7 new tracks are, indeed, my favorite to date. So I’m glad at least 2 of us feel this way. Now, let’s see what the rest of the world thinks, hahahah! Time will tell!

Eyes on Hollywod Interviewer: I want to know what the songs are about- one by one…

Van Hechter: Ok, so ”Electrical Blue”, ”Nothing Can Bring Me Down”, and ”Pick Yourself Up” are about a gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous porn star with whom I’d fallen madly in love. It was chaotic, it was palpitating, it was glamorous, life-changing, and it ended in complete catastrophe. Much to my surprise, the adventure showed me many things I needed to know about myself, so I regret nothing. I’m even grateful to have known such states once in my life. ”Hot Damn” is a letter I wrote to a good friend when he was down. I just turned it into a song. This way, if one day he needs me when I’m out of town, he has it on his playlists. ”No Answer’s Not An Answer” is about a boy I had a huge crush on who ghosted me instead of facing me. I totally disagree with ghosting. ”When It’s All Over” is something I wrote to the mother of my godchildren when she was doubting herself. Same principle as ”Hot Damn”: if ever I ain’t around, she has a song to listen to. ”So Special” is a tribute to my dear, dear grandfather. He was too gorgeous for his own good. He had charisma and star quality. Women drooled! The only person who didn’t love him was himself! I always wear something of his onstage.

Eyes on Hollywod Interviewer: Who did the album cover?

Van Hechter: That was Anne Laudouar. Working with her is always wonderful. She’s so talented and kind. I often return to her because we get along so well. Life is so short: no time for toxic or unpleasant work environments!

Eyes on Hollywod Interviewer: Speaking of returning to the same people over and over, Eryck Wyseman did your sound for ”Hot Damn!”. He’s your long-time associate.

Eyes on Hollywod Interviewer:Yes, same reason: working with him is a delight! And he believes in my vision. I released singles between 2020 and 2024, but I had to do the EP with him. Not one moment creating these songs wasn’t great fun, and I think fans can feel such things.

Eyes on Hollywod Interviewer: So now that the album is out, what’s next?

Van Hechter: Well, I’m very excited to have signed a deal with QMA, a USA-based agency with whom I’m organizing a tour next Fall! It’ll be called ”Van Hechter’s Neo-Disco Cabaret”… The team is fantastic, and I can’t wait to get on the road. We start with the East Coast as of mid-October. Plus, I am booked in Paris next September. French audiences are growing on me… They’re so attentive and respectful to the artist! Also, there’s ”Le Poof Tour” going on with Chauncey Dandridge, where we showcase our LGBTQ-themed duets, one of which comes out for NYC Pride next month!

Eyes on Hollywod Interviewer: Where can fans listen to your new EP and follow your updates?

Van Hechter: You can find ”Hot Damn!” on Spotify and YouTube. Follow me on Instagram @vanhechter and check out my website at neodiscocabaret.com for all the latest updates.

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