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All Eyes on “Bounce,” Sexy Club Banger Just in Time for Your Summer Track List!

by eyesonhollywood
The brand-new song from L.A. native Ross Victory, “Bounce,” is available on all music platforms. Bounce is supported by a Track Pros pristine production that hits your chest and hips with a dark, seductive beat and shuffles high hats.   

Victory creates a sensuous montage of dance floor and seductive bedroom scenes, which carefully toe the line of being suggestive without overly graphic. 808 bass hits to keep the beat while simultaneously complimenting his lyrics.

Victory chants, “Put your hands in the air, make that booty bounce, watch it bounce, watch it bounce!” The thick beat and repetitive, melodic lyrics activate your hips, perhaps involuntarily, in rhythmic motions with a sense of fun and excitement that is hard to escape.

Victory transitions seamlessly between a laid-back r&b singing and an alluring spoken-word rap. Victory subtly drops in humor with references to BBLs: Brazilian butt lifts and double D cups.

Victory says he wanted a dance song his listeners could dance hard to.

“Sometimes, I want to write a song about a specific subject or a specific vibe. Most of my music is mid-tempo, and I definitely don’t consider myself a rapper, but when I heard the beat…the lyrics flowed. I thought, hmm…I want a twerk track, but it has to be good.”

Supported by a group of dancers to help promote the track, Victory delivers.

Throughout the pandemic, Victory has composed numerous songs ranging in flavor, a four-song EP, and several book projects. His diverse body of work has motivated the entrepreneurial-minded artist to develop the “Books & Bangers” e-commerce website, which sells goods based on the creativity of independent artists. 

“One of the good things about being independent is, although I don’t have a million-dollar budget, I can just do whatever, whenever. I can be free and creative. One day I may want to write about deep emotional introspection, and the next, I want to write about BBLs and strip poles… Let’s do it all and create because we can.”

Victory’s range is one to be applauded, with a brand grounded in representing the underrepresented and giving voice to the voiceless through his music and words – books, ballads, and bangers, like Bounce.

Check him out HERE

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