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Children’s Fashion Has Never Been so Chic

by eyesonhollywood
There is nothing else like this out there in the world of children’s fashion!

When it comes to children’s fashion, it’s hard to find the best quality products that make children look and feel beautiful without breaking the bank but Petite Maison Kids is on a mission to change that! Founded by a Mom, Katerina Azarova  recognized that there was a big void in the children’s US fashion market when she was shopping for her own kids.  She founded Petite Maison Kids in 2018 in New York with hopes to bring amazing quality products to the marketplace at an affordable price point comparing to other luxury brands.

We instantly fell in love with her unique designs for boys and girls. The clothing style is traditional, yet updated with a modern and whimsical feel.  Specializing in occasion wear and knitwear. For many customers, it’s a go to for dress outfits for photo shoots and events, but they also offer a wide range of hair accessories, hats, and even shoes.  Each design is meticulously sewn with hand beading, embroidery, and/or beautiful bows. Some of the items take over 24 hours of sewing by hand!

The brand has gained a lot of popularity with influencers and celebrities alike and is now available in many boutiques worldwide. Their Instagram has an impressive following, just shy of 100K. 

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