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Lady Gaga Cries In Helen Mirren’s Arms at 2022 SAG Awards

by eyesonhollywood
Lady Gaga had a memorable moment at the 28th Annual Screen Actor Guild Awards while hugging fellow actor Helen Mirren.

During a commercial break, the actresses shared a long embrace where Lady Gaga was crying tears of happiness while Mirren wiped her tears away. Lady Gaga was nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor for her role in House of Gucci, where she portrayed Patrizia Reggiani. Mirren, 76, was honored with the SAG Life Achievement Award by Kate Winslet and Cate Blanchett.

In her acceptance speech, Mirren used a bit of humor to enamor the room. “Lifetime achievement sounds so grand. I suppose I’m still alive, so by that measure, I’m eligible.” She went on to say, “But honestly, any achievement that I’ve succeeded in is the result of my matra, which is basically be on time and don’t be an ass.”

Mirren continued, “I am simultaneously enormously proud and yet with the understanding that I do not deserve this, and there is the conflict I believe you all understand: insecurity versus ego. That cocktail I believe most actors sip in the evening as they contemplate on the gift they received the moment they decided to become an actor.”

Although Lady Gaga did not win an award, she seemed to be enjoying herself and even caught up with her A Star Is Born co-star Bradley Cooper. The two were seen laughing and embracing during their reunion. The award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor went to Ariana DeBose for her portrayal of Anita in West Side Story. During her speech, she gave Lady Gaga a shout-out saying, “Thank all of you, all of you staring at me, so many of you, dear God,” and then, in a whimsical moment, said, “Hi Lady Gaga, you’re amazing!”

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