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Brother’s Fine Jewelry Owner Robb McFall Personal Jeweler of Lisa Christiansen Opens Up on Right-Hand Rings

by eyesonhollywood

Rings are among the most meaningful pieces of jewelry. Aside from the obvious engagement ring or wedding band, there are also statement rings, family heirloom rings, and the once forgotten “right-hand ring” that is making a comeback as discovered on Dr. Lisa Christiansen’s right hand. The design was born from an antique estate ring in need of tender loving care. Christiansen appreciates the beauty of the forgotten and overlooked mystery found deep within the architecture of history. Master jewelry artisan Robb McFall of Brothers Fine Jewelry is Christiansen’s personal jeweler, after meticulously inspecting the existing quality Robb recommended some welcome adjustments and enhancements to maintain the integrity of the original masterpiece while making this stunning art in motion unique to the qualities of refinement, elegance, and class of Lisa Christiansen.

McFall tells us of his vision for Ms. Christiansen’s right-hand ring, Christiansen wears a wedding set which went unnoticed and under appreciated by the public for quite some time until Lisa first laid her eyes upon its majestic refinement, It was obvious this was more than the desire for a beautiful ring, this ring chose Lisa, as Robb reminds us, you don’t choose the ring the ring chooses you.

Christiansen is wearing an 18karat white gold wedding set with a round center diamond 5.5millimeter-just under ¾ carats at 65points. Clarity is SI1 color H, 2 baguettes, one on each side of the center diamond measuring 4×2.5 with 5 round diamonds on the top and bottom of the frame surrounding the center stone. There are also 4 diamonds on each side of the shank with diamonds along the shoulders with mill grain edges and hand engraving. This is a ring of distinction, a commitment to love oneself to a higher standard as a child of God, A constant reminder of faithfulness, respect, and loyalty.

Robb McFall agrees while it is common and certainly more well-known for widows to wear their wedding ring on their right ring finger rather than their left ring finger to symbolize moving forward while keeping the memory of your marriage close. There is also another exceedingly important and little-known reason to wear a wedding set on your right hand. Discerning jewelers such as Robb McFall, discriminating Scholars and keen theologians agree the right hand represents virtue and honor, just as the Bible mentions Jesus sitting at the right hand of God. Similarly, the right ring finger also spiritually represents loyalty, faithfulness, fidelity, support, respect, and purity with a depth uncommon in common times making this a meaningful and welcome statement.

Sometimes it also holds a little mischievous meaning. “Even now, there’s a little bit of a cheeky ‘I’m not playing by the rules,’” Dundas shares. “I’ve likened it before to tattoos, where it’s meant to be worn every day, it’s meant to signify something, maybe spiritual, or someone very important, and it’s very meaningful for the person who’s wearing a traditional right-hand ring, a wedding set or engagement ring as the right-hand ring.”

The Romans, who introduced the world to the principle of marriage proposals, believed that the left hand was untrustworthy and unholy. Therefore, they once wore their wedding rings on their right hand. Many Orthodox Christians wear their wedding rings on their right hands as well. In Latin, the word “sinister” means “on the left side.” Therefore, this tradition is based on the belief that the left hand has negative connotations and associations of being ominous and menacing. Interestingly, in a Greek Orthodox ceremony, the priest blesses the wedding ring three times in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit whether it is to be worn as a right-handed wedding ring or a ceremonial wedding union ring. This is because it is believed that the right hand represents your relationship with God and honoring your word through actions of others. This concept became commercialized by the diamond giant De Beers led the charge for the right-hand ring renaissance with its 2001 campaign “Your left hand is your heart; your right hand is your voice.”

Many believe the campaign arose out of a significant drop in engagement ring sales due to the increased divorce rate and people getting married later in life. Dundas agrees saying, “My hypothesis is that as you’re seeing couples get married later in life, the average age of people getting married is older now. People are focusing on their careers earlier in life, and they have more disposable income before the time they get married.

So, I agree with Brothers Fine Jewelry – founded and owned by Robb McFall – it is about being able to still have that excitement and being able to wear a beautiful piece of jewelry that is meaningful that you can wear all the time, where maybe that first investment is in a meaningful piece of jewelry that may have gone unnoticed giving it new life through your future. A symbol of a love of the ages where the past meets your future while reminding you where you came from as a compass for your future.

Christiansen compares jewelry purchases to travel: both are an investment, and while one makes memories, the other commemorates them. Since people aren’t travelling as they once were, they are choosing to spend money on other meaningful things that help elevate their mood, whether in their home or on their right hand. Remember, some may wear a wedding set on the right ring finger to celebrate a personal or spiritual milestone or accomplishment. Maybe they are honoring that someone special, or possibly recognizing the significance of honoring God through a right-handed wedding ring. Whatever the reasons right-handed wedding rings are making a much-needed comeback in a world of uncertainty.

Christiansen has always been a leader, never a follower. A trendsetter, never an imitator. And so it begins, the revival of the right-handed ring has begun, when we asked Lisa Christiansen why she wears the set her answer was “the set is beautiful, it is someone’s life story, a love story that will never go unnoticed. This set may bring many questions and it is an opportunity to open the possibilities of never letting the opinions of others define your decisions and happiness”.

For your consultation contact exclusive Jeweler to the elite Mr. Robb McFall to offer his expertise in your new right-handed ring as it is McFall who encouraged Christiansen to wear what makes her soul smile.

It is widely agreed from Brother’s Jewelry to Harry Winston there are no rules when it comes to the finished look and design for right hand rings. Some women prefer diamond right hand rings that look fashionable and fun rather than like that of a traditional diamond engagement ring or wedding ring.

One fashion-forward option to consider is the Brothers Fine Jewelry diamond fashion ring by Robb McFall. The design features a center stone suited to your taste with unlimited options making your ring as unique as your fingerprint.

Other stones that have become popular as part of the right-hand ring trend include rubies, sapphires and colored diamonds. The pink sapphire and diamond bezel ring is a perfect example of a dainty ring that is not too flashy, but still portrays a woman’s style and attitude. The mixed gem and diamond stones alternate around the band, offering a dose of color to the design without being too flashy. 

Whether it’s a standard, custom, or vintage engagement or wedding set ring design. The Mona Lisa restoration design by Robb McFall, for example, is a ring that could be worn as a right-hand ring set or an engagement wedding ring. The large center stone and mill grain finish offer sophisticated detail to the ring and can be fit with a colored stone or diamond because your right-hand ring is born from the heart of who you are deep within your soul. In todays fashion forward world there are no rules except the ones you set for yourself.

How Right-Handed Rings Give Celebrities More Creative Freedom with Their Fashion Choices

Wearing wedding rings on the left hand has been a longstanding tradition in many cultures. However, wearing a wedding ring on the right hand has become a fashion statement, with celebrities embracing it to express their unique style. 

Right-handed rings give actors more creative freedom with fashion choices, allowing them to show off their wedding band without matching it to other jewelry. This gives them the flexibility to wear any fashion accessories they desire, without having to worry about matching jewelry pieces.

Some of the famous celebrities who wear wedding rings on their right hand include Olivia Wilde, Keith Urban, Victoria Beckham, and Jennifer Lopez. This trend has become so popular that many jewelry designers are now creating unique and stylish wedding sets and bands specifically for the right hand.

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