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Tom Berenger Set to Narrate Marine Documentary Ronin 3: The Battle for Sangin

by eyesonhollywood
Ronin 3: The Battle for Sangin is a story of honor, sacrifice, and brotherhood and is set to hit the screens soon, starring a familiar voice for war film buffs. Tom Berenger, Academy Award nominee and history guru is set to narrate a new film about the real-life battle of Sangin. And it isn’t the first time that he has appeared in a movie like Ronin 3.

Tom Berenger is most known for his roles in military films, including Platoon, Born on the Fourth of July, the Sniper series, Gettysburg, and One Man’s Hero. As a history buff himself, Berenger loves to participate in projects that honor the legacy of the United States military and the incredible sacrifices made in the process. 

Platoon (1986) won the Academy Award for Best Picture and is the film in which he was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. Berenger played Sergeant Bob Barnes in the film, a platoon sergeant in the Vietnam War who struggles with the morality of the war and his duties. Platoon was selected to be preserved in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress due to it being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”, a level of recognition that Ronin 3: The Battle for Sangin hopes to achieve. 

Ronin 3: The Battle for Sangin is similar to Platoon in that it follows a real-life war story of triumph and loss. It illustrates the war in Sangin which was known as the “bloodiest battleground of Afghanistan”. The Ronin 3 unit was part of the 3rd Battalion 5th Marines (3/5) Darkhorse who faced fierce opposition when sent to restore security in the dangerous war zone of Sangin. 

Berenger is very knowledgeable about war history, and has studied wars dating back to ancient times like the infamous Leonidas’ Spartans. Not only will his interest in the project make him a strong fit as a narrator, but he also has a long-standing affinity with the Marine Corps, who have been working closely in the production of Ronin 3

Ronin 3: The Battle for Sangin has a unique, non-financial collaboration with the marines that is making the project extra special for everyone on set. This type of input from the military is a very rare circumstance in Hollywood, so it is clear that Ronin 3 will not only be historically accurate but an incredibly emotional and honest film as well. Berenger has used his expertise to make suggestions for the film, making Ronin 3 an entirely collaborative process from people passionate about military history, or from those who have experienced the triumph and loss firsthand. 

Along with Berenger being set to narrate the film, the movie is filled with nods to the military down to the music. The orchestration, composed by award-winning film composer Alan Williams, is set to be recorded by the United States Marine Corps’ “The President’s Own” orchestra, tying back to the project’s theme of honoring and showcasing Marines and their sacrifices throughout the entire production and release of the film. 

The documentary will be a three-part series released on a streaming platform that has yet to be announced. Ronin 3: The Battle for Sangin was created by Patriot Profiles Productions, a media and news company committed to using storytelling to honor the stories of military active-duty and veterans who served then and now and during the War on Terror. 

Ronin 3: The Battle for Sangin is a collaborative effort to tell an honest story of what happened in Sangin, Afghanistan in 2010. The casting announcement of Tom Berenger as the narrator is a perfect fit for the film’s military tone and is exciting audiences around the country of the potential of this new film. 

For more information on Ronin 3: The Battle for Sangin, visit their Patriot Profiles website or the IMDb title page.

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