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The Kindred Vampire Tales: A New Series Set to be a Bloody New Binge

by eyesonhollywood
Vampire tales have become common with many portraying the bloodsuckers as unredeemable beasts. However, more creative variations of vampire productions emerged a few years ago. The Kindred Vampire Tales series takes us back to the basics of the classical vampires. The idea behind its current setting is to have vampires behave like vampires.  Keep reading as I unveil the exciting setting, plot, how the productions did, and what the new projects have in store for you.

The Kindred Vampire is a series of short film episodes. The storyline is based on a vampire clan that roams around the city of LA. They hunt people and turn them into vampires. As all vampires would do, the Kindreds take over the city club and feed on their victims at night.  The increasing vampire clan continues hunting in the city and turning more humans into vampires.

The city is in chaos. A priest, vampire slayers, and a detective (a hybrid; half human half vampire), team up to stop the havoc. Each group tries to fight for survival. The vampires hunt more so they can turn more humans before the detective ends it all.

 The film series is produced by the Kindred Vision production team based in New York and Los Angeles. Kindred also provides actor development workshops and seminars on modeling and acting. Their main objective is to mentor aspiring actors and provide career growth opportunities for young actors. They partner with film schools, media houses, and production agencies to meet their objective.

The vision to support young actors has fueled them over the years. Notably, Kindred vampire tales is a film intended to accommodate actors from all fronts. So, why not show the members some support and love?

The series gets you hooked from its moody to mystery vibes. Watch as once a sweet city turns into a city of nightmares.

Most people found in this chaos stick around. Some like the priest and detective thrive in the city while others like Tommy admire and join in the chaos.

The series has an interesting human fabric with most of them turning soon enough to become dangerous bloodsuckers.  Notably, with each new episode, the director is keen enough to reveal more, yet enough detail to keep you glued. After each episode, you are left with more questions and curiosity. Also, you can relate to some of the human characters in the Kindred Vampire Tales who are scared for their lives.

The day-life in the town is quiet and low laid. However, the night is the most dangerous time. It is a reminder that every community, count, and countess is not secure. Remarkably each of these fronts seeks to find a solution, either by admitting more people to the vampire clan or investigating a murder in a deadly city.

Kindred Vampire Tale’s audience received the first two seasons well. They loved it. It is no wonder the team is working on bringing another exciting season.

Some reactions to season one are;

Excellent! Yet, a very transfixing series to watch. I can’t wait for what is in store for us in season two,”

Anonymous fan.

Unlike all the other Vampire stories, Kindred Vampire film is able to seize the viewer’s attention and bring shock to their senses… Never seen before Vampire bite and fight scenes… I’d say that this Vampire film is the sculpting of time,”

Andrei Tarkovsky mentioned.

Different audiences received the first two seasons well. The younger generation was captivated by the nightlife mixed with some aggressive fronts, while their older folks paid more attention to the creations. Do you miss when vampires were vampires, afraid of the sun and repelled by the cross? The Kindred Vampire Tales has it all. Many viewers are impressed with how the series combines classical vampires from the older days of Dracula in this century.

With its first release, the series gained much traction on the internet, and in a short while more than 10k viewers had commented on how great it was. Most viewers have commented on the plot of the movie and the turn of events. In a Kindred social media post, one viewer commented stating,

Interesting show, there is an interesting character dynamic and I hope there is a season two.

 The series has also been recognized by very popular media houses and mentioned in some of the greatest production companies ever known. Importantly, the last season will be submitted to multiple film festivals. Notably, season two did better than season one. If the team continues with the same trajectory, we can expect a greater performance in their next project. This is something worth looking forward to.

You may have wondered about this if you’ve been keeping tabs on Kindred Vampire Tales. The good news is, there are many more seasons in the future. The next season is already approved and in the process of creation. There you go, you have something to look forward to.

The last seasons performed well as previously mentioned. Thus, expect more exciting scenes to explore in the next season. The series director has created more details for their viewers.

Media houses have also seen the trajectory of the last season and thus mention that the next season will be big. As much as it is too early to make predictions about the changes in the coming projects, there is one great actress you can look forward to seeing in the next season: Tullia Ferraro.

The Italian-born actress is expected to be a part of these upcoming projects as the lead character, Camilla. She will grace our screens with her skills and experience in acting. You know how good she is if you have watched Journey Prophecy or Pacific Breeze. Tullia Ferraro made her debut in the movie industry in Italy at the age of 18 and is a professionally trained actress with other different talents. Since Tullia enjoys every bit of film and theatre, we cannot expect anything less from her as she becomes a member of the vampire clan.

This is such great news, showing that there is more mind-blowing vampire story cooking for the audience. Do you want all this to pass you? I guess not. Also, if you would want to see Ferraro in this kind of mystery show, then watch out for the upcoming projects from Kindred Vampire Tales.

Kindred video productions encourage actors from all levels, both beginners and experienced, to apply and be a part of the film. This means that when auditions are open, all actors in all development stages can audition and become members of the vampire clan.

You get opportunities to network and grow in your career when you become a part of this team. Also, emerging actors in the team can get exposure and better work opportunities in the acting space. You may get the chance to interact with Tullia Ferraro so don’t let the chance slide.

The next season will be set in Los Angeles and New York. The film will be shot in clubs, cemeteries, and other venues with a similar theme to give it a more realistic touch.

This series brings in the traditional vampire narratives in the current century. You cannot ignore its very elaborate cinematic and plot greatness. The show is appreciated by those who pay attention to detail. You are missing out if you haven’t seen it. I would recommend it if you enjoyed shows with that Halloween and spooky vibe. Hopefully, as promised the next seasons are going to keep the current trajectory. If it gets more compelling the better, it will be. Nonetheless, you can expect to see new members in the cast. One of them, for example, is the multi-talented actress, Tullia Ferraro.  

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