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Put this Independent Film on Your Target List in 2024

by eyesonhollywood
If you’re in the market for something completely different this summer in the way of an independent movie, check out Target List, a 2023 film by MJ Palo and Andrew Arguello.

Produced by Mad-Wife Productions, Target List is based on a 2019 novel, The Target List, by John Reizer.

Running for 100 minutes, Target List is an action-adventure with a comedic twist. The movie stars Rachel Alig and Justin Ray as the two protagonists. Alig and Ray, who possess great on-screen chemistry, are on the run from an assassin hired by big pharma after inventing a cancer-curing technology that threatens future drug profits.

The duo, besides trying to evade a determined killer, is also trying to clear their names after being framed for the murders of two colleagues.

Target List is a fun ride as the audience watches Alig and Ray get themselves in and out of constant trouble while attempting to stay alive and protect their life-saving healthcare technology for humanity’s benefit.

The film’s screenplay was written by Palo and Reizer and the movie is currently available on Amazon, Tubi, Apple TV, The Roku Channel, YouTube, and many other platforms.

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