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Pop star Van Hechter on upcoming album, exciting projects and ”Van Time” in Florida!

by eyesonhollywood
Van Hechter is one of my favorite artists to interview, simply because he’s cooler than cool. His songs are peppy and catchy. His dress sense is positively dashing. His blue eyes are almost too blue. Most of all, a conversation with him is like talking to a friend you’ve known forever. He’s ultra laid back: always a joy.

So what are you up to in early ’24? Last time we chatted was during the pandemic! It’s been a while! What’s new?

Well, I am in Florida to start the year, preparing my Spring/Summer/Fall season: releases, tour dates, etc etc. It’s going to be a busy year so I thought I’d take a few easy weeks before my schedules go crazy! And yes it has been a while! Lots has happened since we last connected! New singles, I’ve been charting in the US, I’ve traveled to Paris twice, I’ve MC’d and performed in Montreal- I even had a weekly gig last fall hosting at a new BDSM lounge (Protocole Kinky Lounge if you should visit) It’s been quite the adventure but I think 2024 will be even more exciting!

You like Fort Lauderdale and Miami, don’t you? Many of your videos are set in the tropics…

I was conceived in Fort Lauderdale. I mentioned this a few times before. I truly think this is why I fly here when I need to ”reset” my soul/body/mind. It’s like coming back to the start of everything. I am quiet here, do a lot of walking and thinking.

And where do you stay?

I was with a friend in Pompano at first- it was lovely. Now I am in Fort Lauderdale, at a resort 2 very good friends just opened, called The Peacock… It’s absolutely lovely. I came for them, to spend time with them… But I must say that what they’ve created is beautiful. I should mention that’s it IS a gay resort, clothing optional…

And do you opt to not wear clothes?

I opt to wear clothes because I’m already half naked on many pictures! There’s nothing most haven’t seen LOL! Plus it’s been cool!

You have an album coming out.

Yes, I am super excited about it. It’s my most personal work yet. I am producing it with Eryck Wyseman, my longtime associate. He is wonderful to work with: so relaxed and easy. We create in joy. I think it comes through. We may release the album ourselves or perhaps on a label which isn’t our own. To be determined. I also have 2 duets on the way. One with an artist I’ve loved for decades and one with my ”Poof Tour” partner Chauncey Dandridge!

What is ”Le Poof Tour”?

”Poof Tour” is a full-on concept by now. Chauncey and I started releasing duets about gay reality 50 years after the famous Stonewall riots. We began performing, soon to realize that we were almost a slapstick act onstage. From there, we thought: ”Let’s turn our bond into a huge party”… He is a fantastic DJ after all – so he provides the musical soundtrack, while I host, MC, fool around with the guests, make up silly contests… Then we spontaneously sing our singles live whenever we feel the time is right. It turns into a family celebration- we welcome all and we’re only out to put a smile on your face: that’s the first goal.

Is that your goal in general on and off stage?

I really feel like if I’ve made a person laugh, or believe in magic, or remember that joy is most important in life (not pleasure- joy) then I’ve done my job and had a good day. So yes!

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