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Award-Winning Screenplay Writer & Actor Horatio Tihanyi Confirms TV-Series!

by eyesonhollywood

Actor and Filmmaker Horatio Tihanyi  confirms latest TV-Series based upon his 100+ award-winning screenplay, “Krazy Dead!” Horatio is known for his roles in TV shows such as “Burn Notice,” “Storm Cell,” featuring NFL Legend Lawrence Taylor, and many more quality productions in the entertainment industry. His latest screenplay is a comedy feature that is officially confirmed to be turned into a TV- series! Read further to find out more, and make sure you follow Horatio on his official social sites below!

Hottest Screenplay: Krazy Dead Wins 104+ Awards

Horatio Tihanyi  confirms that Lawrence Taylor will be starring in Krazy Dead, read further:

LT read the screenplay, thought it was very funny and his peoples read it too and loved it. Originally, LT was going to play the lead, but he and I talked, and he couldnt commit to a role that required

his presence on set for extended periods of time.  So I wrote in a reoccurring character for him. LT told me he loves comedy and making people laugh, and he thinks Krazy Dead could be another cult classic like Shitt’s Creek.” – Horatio Tihanyi  2024

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