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Mezi Atwood and Mezi Studios is making waves worldwide

by eyesonhollywood
Melbourne filmmaker, Mezi Atwood is certainly making a splash in the film world with her new production company, Mezi Studios. Mezi has signed exclusive distribution deals with Africa and Asia, bringing cultural significance to the foreground. Mezi Studios secured the distribution rights to the much-anticipated African epic film “Omambala”. A thriller based on the story of “Igbo Landing”. At the height of the slave trade era, a hundred igbo slaves, betrayed by their own, choose to commit mass suicide at the sea.

Mezi started in the public eye with her TikTok channel, Aussie Mezi. Then moving into acting roles in films such as Wog Boys Forever, Better Man and 1UP. Mezi has many talents as she made her Hollywood debute as cinematographer on the upcoming Hollywood film “Trimester” with Hollywood production company, Lady of the Light Productions. Mezi is Executive Producer on the upcoming horror “The Shadow in The Woods” and Starring and Producing the upcoming Romcom “Swiped” in affiliation with Lions Tail Multimedia, Directed by newcomer, Joe Ambridge. Mezi also writes her own screenplays which no doubt will be gracing our screens in years to come.

Mezi has modelling for Fashion brands such as “Step One” and “Curve Boss” in national campaigns within Australia. Not to mention the hundreds of brands she has created sponsored content for. “Social Media will always have a place in my heart” Mezi claims. “I remember when I started people laughed at me, now those same people tell me I should be proud of myself for living my dream – it’s funny how perspectives change when you believe in yourself”

Born and raised in Melbourne, Victoria, Mezi, now 36, has always had a passion for Filmmaking and Acting. Mezi started out in theatre and modelling in high school. She wasn’t seen as someone who would succeed as she never fit the cookie cutter mould that were industry standards. Mezi is quoted as saying “I have been to many auditions where I was looked at like I needed to be folk lifted out of there”. However, with the love and guidance of her Manager and Fiancé’, Daryl Robertson, she didn’t give up hope. She eventually achieved her dreams. Mezi keeps a mostly private life with her family in the outer suburbs of Melbourne.

Mezi started Mezi Studios as a place where anyone with a dream can find their spot within the industry, offering guidance and mentorship for everyone who comes through their doors. “A career in film never came easy to me, I had to fight and work hard for everything that I have, it shouldn’t be this hard” Mezi said. “The best advice I can give someone starting out is to never stop learning, you can learn from everyone that you meet and that’s going to round you out as a person”.

Mezi has also started a podcast called “Behind Entertainment News” debuting in September 2022. She will be showcasing friends that she has made within the industry to talk about what its really like to create a movie in today’s world. Her guests will include Actors, Producers, Directors, Writers and so much more. She will be discussing the issues that have led to the creation of unrealistic standards within the film industry. Offering guidance and advice to all people with a dream to succeed.

Now with Mezi Studios dominating the Australian film industry there is no stopping Mezi Atwood. Rumour has it she is working with A List cast and crew on some of her upcoming films. Keep an eye out for Mezi Atwood and Mezi Studios.

All in all, if Mezi is teaching us anything it is to never give up on your dream. Hold onto the hope that if you work hard and never stop learning… doors will open. After starting out as a background extra in films to now creating a studio that has a home for everyone, the journey is a long but valuable one. To see more about Mezi Atwood and Mezi Studios, you can visit her HERE or follow her on her facebook, Instagram and Tiktok  under @mezi.atwood.

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