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Keep it in the Family is The Secret to Their Success

by eyesonhollywood
A midwest family hailing from St. Louis Missouri has been homing their natural talents for decades. The Page family are a tight knit family who have focused on enhancing their legacy. As owners and operators of Pearl Enterprise this tight knit family have hand full of businesses to run. Since 1995 the father Roland Page Sr. had a plan to elevate his family in the entrepreneur world. He establish the grass root entity for a small investment growing it into a multipurpose art studio which umbrellas a tattoo and body piercing shop, a retail boutique, and recently a car body & remodeling service.

   The first of the businesses is Black Pearl Tattoo franchise originating out of downtown St. Louis. The  shop offers custom tattoos services with a selection of various exclusive body jewelry ie dangle, Playboy, UV,.. The second venture is a retail boutique fueled by the sons , Roland “Sato” Page Jr. and Robert “Jiro” Page , also located in the downtown area. Well known for their fashion sense the family have a variety of trendy and designer apparell ie. OFF-White especially BAPE. The sons made the fashion connection with a distributor out of Texas who stock high fashions in the local malls. The last of the venture is Pearl Remix Compound this is manned by Jiro who is also a tattooist but autobody specialist at night. The Compound uses it’s artistic vision to remodel a vehicle into a custom work of art. Custom wrapping to reupholstery are just a small service they offer. The impressive thing about this family is what one learns the other members pick up naturally. Therefore the operation is a well oiled machine running off of hard work drivern by work ethics and professionalism. The company motto is “Clientele fuels a business success.”

    Introducing the family members it’s only right to begin with the founding father Roland Page Sr. A former Army soldier and Law Enforcement Officer. He pioneered the movement for years until he succumb to Lupus witnessing his artistic ability dimenish in a matter of weeks. Sometimes a curse and deliver a blessing. Roland Sr. sons steeped into their father shoes taking the companies to a greater height.

Let’s talk about the Queen of the company and what the father describes as the backbone of the movement. Tracey Page is the organizer of the operation. She assures all i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed in addition she does the laser removal of small tattoos as well as hair and small skin imperfections.

 Lastly the sons who as the parent describes as the engine of the business. Roland Sr explains his sons had to put their careers on the back burner to prevent the Pearl from collasping. Roland Sato Page, the older of the two, had a blossomimg hip hop career as the Billboard charting “Yung Ro”. He was featured in numerous media outlets as the next to blow up. As the oldest he was the first to abandoned his passion to help his father during a medical crisis. The Wolf of Olive Street as many of his fans call him, is the master tattoo artist and similar to his success in the music game. He has gained stardom doing custom body art for NBA stars Bradley Beal , NBA champion Pat McCaw, and NFL Ezekel Elliot, Hollywood Alaina Huffman, WildNOut HitMann Holla & Spanky Hayes, DMX, Sadat X of Brand Nubian, and the list goes on.

     The youngest Jiro is equally admirable because this young man graduated from Ranken Technical College with a degree in Automotive Technology. He did a 360 career decision from working on cars to working on human canvasses. He has a wide range of accomplished clientele like Armon Watts of the Minnesota Vikings and Zola Gaye (Marvin Gaye sister and author of “My Brother Marvin”. Both brothers are know as the tattooist of Starz upcoming series “BMF” (Blowing Money Fast) produced by 50 Cent.

This article is dedicated to Fumi Karasawa the mother and grandmother of the Page family. A native of Osaka Japan who came to the United States speaking little English but encouraged her children to grasp the American dream.

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