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Karin Shemesh Bridal Couture is All About “Something Old, Something New”

by eyesonhollywood
For Karin Shemesh, every bridal design is an expression of the ideal feminine beauty. Each dress individually channels each bride’s individual beauty. Karin has been precise with each detail, merging sophisticated trends and classic wedding dress style together. The use of unexpected materials, delicate hand-embroidered embellishing, and the combination of new techniques with a timeless craftsmanship truly sets apart Karin Shemesh Bridal Couture.

Choosing a wedding dress is every little girl’s dream. But when their special day actually arrives, it can be overwhelming to choose a dress that is their perfect fit. Luckily, Karin Shemesh Bridal Couture makes their hopes and dreams for that special day come true.

The luxury bridal gown brand was established in 2015 in Tel Aviv, by the designer Karin Shemesh. Karin specializes in custom wedding dresses. The design style of her dresses are classic and very diverse, designing her dresses in countless varieties of cuts and sizes, with a wide range of fabrics. The wide range of materials throughout the creation of each dress is perfect for unique, glamorous, and impressive dresses, perfect for each bride’s special day.

The world of design and fashion in particular is a world that enveloped Karin from a young age. She spent hours flipping through the pages of magazines, especially sewing magazine Burda learning techniques for the first time. She says, “As a 15-year-old, I spent my time taking apart clothes and putting them back together according to my imagination. My great love for aesthetics, precision and delicacy is expressed with every dress.” Her youthful passion and the spirit of creativity, together with clean lines that express elegance and glamor, are part of a signature found throughout all her collections.

“Each collection is actually a reflection of myself and the fulfillment of a dream into reality,” she explains. “The feelings of people, food, architecture, art and nature are expressed in every detail. Transparent corsets woven in soft pastel colors, pearls, and feathers bring to the fore the ideal of soft feminine beauty.”

The world of brides in the last decade has undergone a transformation. In the past the word sexy in the world of brides was a foul word. Today, brides want their wedding dress to

combine all worlds together. Neat, clean, traditional, sexy, and soft, and they are no longer satisfied with just one dress. Just as the nature of the event changes, so does the dress. A different dress is worn for the entrance and a dress of a different, trendy, and sexy character is donned for the dance floor.

And for that there is great importance in the choice of fabrics. The distinct use of natural fabrics such as silk, the combination of delicate handicrafts which give the dress the meticulous classic touch and yet the light dreamy look without the heaviness.

Karin Shemesh Bridal Couture is the first stop any bride should make when wedding dress shopping. The incredible craftsmanship, attention to detail, and unique style of dresses will enhance every bride’s special day and serve as a beautiful start to their marriage.

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