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Patrick Dempsey Gets A Facial From Wife Jillian

by eyesonhollywood
Applying skincare on Patrick Dempsey is one way to get your brand attention.

Jillian Dempsey, founder of the Jillian Dempsey beauty line (and of course, Patrick Dempsey‘s wife) treated her husband to a full-service facial using her organic skincare lineup. The 57-year-old actor recently modeled for his wife’s newest skincare campaign, serving as the guinea pig for her facial massage service. Jillian shared the video of her facial on her Instagram March 29, displaying the full-service treatment she gave her husband.

The beauty guru, also 57, started by moisturizing Patrick’s face and giving him an undereye mask. She used a gold roller to massage his face, an excellent tool for depuffing the skin and draining excess swelling. Patrick could not hold back his laughter, but remained a good sport throughout the pampering.

Patrick has always supported his wife’s beauty campaigns, having previously promoted her Mixturizer moisturizer on his Instagram. He even showed the significant amount missing from the pot, showing his audience how much he actually uses the product.

Jillian is always supportive of her husband, even when he drastically changes his look- when he buzzed his hair after dyeing it for a role. In December 2022, she gushed over Patrick’s new look- “Change is good!”

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