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Deep Transit Unveils New Feel-Good Track ‘A Rhythm in Time’ Following Hit Single ‘Stand Up

by eyesonhollywood
Following the success of his previous single, “Stand Up,” Deep Transit, also known as Rob Mitchell, releases a new feel-good track titled “A Rhythm in Time (Early Morning).” This new release radiates a distinct R&B signature sound that is bound to captivate audiences with its infectious rhythm.

Deep Transit’s new track showcases Mitchell’s artistic prowess as he skillfully blends contemporary piano keyboards and pop beats with a classic late ’90s vocal hook that gets you grooving and dancing. Speaking about the song, Mitchell explains it was inspired by a desire to explore different arrangements from his past releases and expand his musicality. He hopes listeners will appreciate how his music and lyrics aim to elevate people’s understanding of everyday situations and how they can relate to those experiences in their own time.

Mitchell’s musical journey began in high school and continued soon after graduation, during a time when house and electronic music were still considered underground. Although he recorded an album back then, it was never released. However, he has been steadily producing music, including last year’s album “Dynamic Force of Time.”

Despite the gap between his first and second LPs, Mitchell is not wasting any time between his second and third. He is set to release “A Brilliant Skyline Across Major Cities” this fall. Deep Transit began his career in the ’90s, performing at venues like the Volt in D.C. During that period, he recorded “Traveling at a Distant Speed,” which he plans to re-release after introducing “A Brilliant Skyline Across Major Cities” to the world.

Inspired by Chicago deep house and tech house music of the ’90s, Deep Transit is currently focusing on his latest music. Olivia Rae from Artist Pro notes that Mitchell, riding high on the success of his sophomore album last year, is now preparing to release the follow-up, “A Brilliant Skyline Across Major Cities,” this fall.

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