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Virtual Influencers Ricky db and Aba Wils Collaborated and Released “Again”

by eyesonhollywood
Two virtual influencers, Ricky db and Aba Wils, were created by Digital Avatars Entertainment and Studio 3 Animation, a record label and character creation studio, developing 3D avatar musicians.

Ricky db is far more than just a DJ and producer. His approach to music is completely unique and pairs motion capture and live animation technology with a brand of visual fashion – an entirely new feature to the Metaverse. Earning nods from tastemakers like Hardwell, Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna and many others in the industry, Ricky db is making his mark.

Aba Wils is Africa’s first virtual influencer who ranked #19 on the “Top 20 Highest Earning Robot Influencers” says research done by onbuy.com and recently attended the New York Digital Fashion Week as a special guest. Furthermore, they both partook in the Digital Fashion Challenge in Montecarlo, Monaco during November 2021.

Joining forces, Ricky db and Aba Wils are proud to present their brand new single “Again”, newly released in February 2022. This fresh track touches the very edge of dance, pop, and takes you on a tropical vibe ride from start to finish. In no time, the track and its producers obtained the support from the Metaverse community and gained over 20,000 streams on Spotify during its first week post-launch.

The music video for “Again” will be up soon on Youtube; keep an eye out and stay tuned! Expect the unexpected from the up-and-coming virtual artists Ricky db and Aba Wils.

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