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Jamie Spears Agrees to Step Down as Britney’s Conservator

by eyesonhollywood

After years of public pressure, Britney Spears’ father, Jamie Spears, has finally agreed to step down as his daughter’s conservator.

For years Britney has accused Jamie of abusing his power as conservator of her estate. She has reported that he is controlling almost every aspect of her life, but not with her best interests in mind.

Jamie has been accused of using Britney’s wealth for his own gain, taking money from her estate. He’s been getting paid $16,000 a month since 2009 and gets a percentage of Britney’s revenue from her Las Vegas residency. Earlier this summer, Britney revealed some strange conditions she has been forced to comply with. One is that she is not allowed to take out her IUD, a form of birth control or have her boyfriend drive her in the car.

“Although it is common for managers, agents, and other industry professionals to receive a percentage of an artist’s earnings, Mr. Spears is none of those. He is a conservator and, as a conservator, his role is to be burdened by, rather than benefit from, the conservatorship,” the filing said.

While Jamie agreed to be removed from the conservatorship, this isn’t the end quite yet.

According to court documents, Jamie Spears’ lawyers say there is no actual ground for his removal that it is “highly debatable whether a change in conservator at this time would be in Ms. Spears’ best interests.”

Before he leaves the conservatorship, court documents stated that he will first need to get approved the so-called Twelfth Account – financials from the year 2019 and finish the accounting of the estate.

Here’s the problem, the accounting matters described in the court document can take years to resolve, since they are not a high priority for the court.

This leaves us with no clear timeline of when he would actually resign.

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