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Dr. Paul Unanimous Bachelor of The Year 2023

by eyesonhollywood
This year’s Bachelor of the year was highly sought after and distinguished. While we received inquiries from 8,978,239 participants. The people unanimously chose Dr. Paul from CA as the undeniable bachelor of the year for 2023.

From the woman panel voters Dr. Paul received 94.7% of the female votes which is a record for any Bachelor of the year participant. Dr. Paul is a Stanford Ph. D and the CEO of the prestigious Engineered Income Group. Dr. Paul has been helping individuals earn 6 and even 7 figure incomes. Dr. Paul has been featured in numerous high-profile publications and business news channels. His consulting firm is sought after by affluent clients world-wide. Numerous world-famous celebrities have sought Dr. Paul for his services. Dr. Paul’s staff is highly experienced and recognized globally.

Dr. Paul resides in Fresno, California. His interests include weight training and high intensity activities. He owns several different thriving businesses which are in high demand daily. And yes, ladies, we know you have been waiting for the answer to the following question. We asked Dr. Paul if he had a special someone in his life.

“she is out there, and we will eventually run into one another”.

Dr.Paul’s Response

Dr. Paul went on to say “love cannot be forced, it is openly, given and released. There you go ladies. Dr. Paul is ready and available. Which lucky lady will capture his heart? We will continue to update you on Dr. Paul’s status in the upcoming months. Till then. Congratulations to Dr. Paul for being voted the Unanimous Bachelor of The Year for 2023.

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