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It All Started in Texas for the OOLALA Girl, MELANIE LEMESLE, the Pop Songwriter.

by eyesonhollywood
A mysterious event took place, years ago, in San Antonio. Melanie Lemesle had come there to audition for Disney, like many twelve-year-old girls.The goal was to have a “Call Back”, a hope of being selected to become a future Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus or Britney Spears. One can say that hope was slim.

The mother and daughter had decided to go for breakfast at Schilo’s, famous for its pancakes. Then went for a walk, to relax and to forget the huge stress. Their eyes met a giant clock. A clock that seemed to be broken as it indicated 3.25 P.M, when the morning was just beginning.

On returning from the walk, in the hotel lobby, some little girls seemed quite excited. Melanie understood that they had been selected by Disney. At the reception, there was no message, neither on the cell phone nor in the room. While Melanie was helping her mother to pack for the return trip, her heart was heavy. Suddenly, the phone rang. It was the callback ! Judy Taylor, the casting director, had mysteriously changed her mind. And the meeting was fixed at … 3.25 PM ! 

It all started in Texas. In San Antonio, where magic has shown the way. Melanie Lemesle has not worked for Disney since. She even turned down a record label contract. She preferred to take singing lessons with Christina Aguilera’s teacher. For years she learned her trade. Melanie wrote the music and lyrics of her songs as she will never, ever, forget the magic of Texas.


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