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Remembering Whitney Houston’s Super Bowl XXV Performance

by eyesonhollywood

As America gears up for the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 12th, we want to go down a trip down memory lane and reminisce over one of the most iconic Super Bowl performances of all time. 

From Lady Gaga to Mariah Carey, every artist chosen to sing at the most iconic football game of the year has put their own unique twist on the Star Spangled Banner. Billy Joel sang without any accompaniment, and Carrie Underwood gave one of the most powerful renditions of the National Anthem ever. 

Whitney Houston, who at the time of her Super Bowl performance in 1991, had the most Billboard No. 1 songs in a row, stopped the country in its tracks. Regarding the performance, Houston said in 2000 “If you were there, you could feel the intensity.” In 1991, America was in the Gulf War, and everyone wanted the troops to come back home. 

Houston wanted the traditional tune to bring in the spirit of bringing in the troops back from overseas. “That’s what I felt when I sang that song, and the overwhelming love coming out of the stands was incredible.” The singer has since passed away in 2012, and had a biopic released about her life story in 2022.

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