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Must-Have Fall Lipstick Colors

by eyesonhollywood
As the leaves turn and the air becomes crisp, it’s time to refresh your makeup routine with lipstick shades that embrace the essence of fall.

This season is all about warm, rich, and captivating hues. Here, we explore a range of essential fall lipstick colors to ensure your lips match the cozy, autumnal atmosphere.

Classic Red

The timeless charm of a deep, classic red lipstick never wanes. This versatile shade effortlessly elevates any look, from casual to formal. Opt for a velvety matte finish to achieve a sophisticated and long-lasting effect. Red lips mirror the warm and inviting colors of fall leaves, making it a perfect choice for the season.


Burgundy is the epitome of fall elegance. This sultry shade adds depth and allure to your lips, making them the focal point of your makeup. Burgundy pairs beautifully with neutral eye makeup and complements the earthy tones of autumn.

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For a softer, more understated look that still captures the essence of fall, consider a mauve lipstick. This muted, dusty pink shade adds a touch of romance to your lips, mirroring the gentle transition from summer to fall. Mauve complements a variety of skin tones and is perfect for both day and night.


Terracotta lipstick embodies the warm, earthy tones of fall. This brownish-orange shade adds warmth and depth to your lips, creating a stunning contrast with the season’s cooler color palette. Terracotta is an excellent choice for those seeking a unique and trendy fall look.

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As fall progresses, plum lipstick comes into its own. This deep, purple-tinged shade exudes a sense of mystery and sophistication. Plum lips can be both bold and alluring, making them ideal for special occasions or when you want to make a statement.

Chocolate Brown

For a truly autumnal look, embrace the warmth of chocolate brown lipstick. This rich, dark shade evokes cozy vibes and pairs beautifully with fall fashion. Chocolate brown lips provide a bold and unique twist to your makeup routine, setting you apart from the crowd.

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Fall is a season of transformation, and your lipstick colors should reflect the beauty of this transition. From classic reds to deep plums and earthy terracottas, these essential fall lipstick shades will help you capture the spirit of the season and embrace its rich, warm, and captivating palette. So, go ahead and experiment with these hues to create stunning autumn-inspired looks that turn heads wherever you go.

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