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Ravoshia AKA ‘Lady Einstein’ Has Officially Arrived With Mastery

by eyesonhollywood
What happens when genius meets skillful mastery, well that equals Ravoshia and her alter ego, Lady Einstein, who proves that she’s a force to be reckoned with.

As of late, the songstress released a new video and photos highlighting Mannequin Performance Style 101. Both ooze with rare innovation, giving a clear idea of its overall concept. Dripping in a white, black gold spiked, punk leather jacket and black edgy pants matching the black mannequins. Interestingly enough, she used quotes from her “Mysteriously Her Flames Burn” collection and Albert Einstein quotes to put an emphasis on the unveiling.

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination”

-Albert Einstein

“My Imagination runs wild all the time, it’s a mastermind”


The video details music of Stranger Things theme song, but with another version; remix called C418, then it jumps to the instrumental of Ravoshia’s single Fashion Killa called Mystic, which is a great combo as it fits hand and hand together. The singer seems to be receiving an influx of attention due to the extraordinary display of her performance with the mannequins. The theme “Mannequin Performance Style 101” embodies raw creativity and energy. 

See the video HERE



Mannequin Performance Style 101 by Ravoshia AKA ‘Lady Einstein’

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