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Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher on Parenting

by eyesonhollywood
Everyone’s favorite iconic celebrity couple are also parents! 

The pair, who met on the set of That 70s Show, welcomed daughter Wyatt in October 2014, and son Dimitri in November 2016. 

Laura Prepon, one of the couple’s costars from That 70s Show (and Orange is the New Black star, respectively) says that Kunis makes sure their children do not view their parents’ job as something “bad.” Prepon, who played Donna Pinciotti on That 70s Show, explained the advice Kunis gave her when talking to her own children about work. “When I was really struggling with leaving my daughter to go back to work, one thing [Kunis] shared with me that was so helpful was, ‘Whenever I’m going to work, I never turn to my kids and say, “Oh, this is a bummer. Mommy has to go to work.”

Similarly, Mirjam Novak, Spy Who Dumped Me star, revealed that Kunis gave her parenting advice on set. She also said that Kutcher was a very low-key dad, who often walked in and out of set with a baby strapped to his front. “So they were very cool,” she described.

Kunis also reveals that she has an “open-door policy” in her house. Yes, including the bathroom- “It’s just one of those where, for better or for worse, as a family and the kids have all kind of embodied bodily function as a very standard norm.” Her children would always try and get her attention, and the solution was keeping all the doors open at all times.

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