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Pop Star Van Hechter Brings Underground Music above and beyond

by eyesonhollywood
If you don’t know him you’re missing out. His music is addictive. We dare you to listen to his songs a few times in a row. You’ll see. But there’s more to him than good songs. His very person leaves us wanting more… Once you’ve had a taste you can’t shake him: he’s charming, posh, exotic and sexy. His name is Van Hechter, and please do yourselves a favor and look him up!

We asked him 5 questions…

You’re releasing a single with an artist named Sainte Croix on May 15th, then a full EP with Eryck Wyseman on June 1st… How would you differentiate the two projects?

A:With Eryck it’s like going to the office knowing all will go smoothly- no matter what trouble we may encounter. We’ve worked together for 7 years now. This new EP ‘‘Hot Damn’’ is our best to date because we know each other so well…
Sainte Croix is a whole other vibe. I’ve known him since I was 16. We reunited last June. There’s a craziness- a very positive craziness in our collaboration. Our single is entitled ”My Kind o’ People” and I think it will make people dance- which of course is our goal!

You’ll launch your EP in Manhattan then tour in Paris. Do you like the French?

A:Well I am half French myself- nationality and all!!! I like the young French, very much. And that’s all you’ll get out of me on that topic LOL!

Fashion wise, what should we expect from you next?

A:Well this time around I’ve a hairy chest and tattooed legs, my stache is thicker and I’ve let my hair grow a bit on the top of my head- was tired of the super short crop. Of course, I’ll still wear suits for performances. But I’m having a lot of fun with baggy jeans and dress pants. I love the wide leg these days.

Do you want to be liked?

No darling. I want to be adored. If you only ”like” me. That ain’t enough.

While we wait for the new stuff, here are a few links to Van’s work on Spotify and YouTube

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