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Soda Lovers Rejoice: Monten Soda Makes At-Home Carbonation Easy

by eyesonhollywood
A passion for sparkling water can get expensive.

Introducing the Monten Soda machine, the ultimate sparkling water maker. It is a carbonated water machine perfectly primed for the soda lovers who just can’t get enough of bottled carbonated water. This sustainable alternative, a soda maker machine for home, is the ideal solution for sparkling water lovers everywhere. The Monten carbonator can make sparkling water anywhere, any time.

Now available in the US, the European-based Monten is rising to dominate in the sparkling water machine market. With gorgeous, sleek finishes ranging from stainless steel to black, there is truly a soda maker for everyone.

Famously, Mark Wahlberg has taken partial ownership with investment into Monten. Wahlberg, most definitely a sparkling water aficionado, understands that having a sparkling water dispenser at home is the perfect addition to any household.

Monten is also the strongest at-home carbonation machine out there, with mass hotel chains like Hyatt, Marriott, Hard Rock, and more proudly using Monten machines. They understand that the stainless steel design of Monten machines are of the highest quality.

Having a Monten carbonation machine at home can also be the key to a healthier lifestyle. Instead of reaching for sugary sodas, instead reach for the Monten carbonation machine and naturally flavor your water with lemon and mint. Having a seltzer maker could also encourage you to drink more water and get in the recommended daily 64 oz.

Overall, the Monten at-home carbonation machine is a perfect household appliance for sparkling water lovers. The sustainable and high-quality aspects of the Monten machine are ideal for any household. Monten Soda is on a mission to bring healthy lifestyle through enjoying your daily water to households across Europe and the United States.

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