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Are Cardi and Offset really broken up?

by eyesonhollywood
Despite taking on the role of Mrs. Claus for Christmas, Cardi B’s recent social media activity strongly suggests that any assumptions about her reconciling with Offset after their tumultuous breakup may be unfounded.

The “Bongos” rapper and Offset were seen spending December 25 together, even taking their children to see Travis Scott in NJ the following day, sparking rumors of a possible reconciliation.

However, Cardi swiftly dispelled these speculations by expressing her disapproval through social media. She liked a meme on her X feed that originated from “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” which criticized individuals concocting false stories about her and Offset rekindling their romance.

It has only been two weeks since Cardi created a stir on the internet with an emotional revelation about Offset “doing her dirty” for an extended period. She made it explicitly clear that her husband is firmly in her rearview mirror.

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