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Amber Heard Takes a Backseat in ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’ – Limited Screen Time and Impact

by eyesonhollywood
Amber Heard’s role in the new ‘Aquaman’ installment, “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom,” aligns with previous revelations, confirming that her character has been sidelined.

Ex-Warner Bros. executive Walter Hamada’s testimony last year hinted at this decision, and it appears that in the sequel, Heard is barely more than a side character.

The recently released movie, starring Jason Momoa as the titular hero, faced challenges at the box office and garnered mixed reviews. However, the most notable aspect is Heard’s limited screen time. Business Insider reports that Heard is on screen for approximately 20 minutes, delivering a mere 11 lines of dialogue.

While Heard participates in a few action sequences at the film’s beginning and end, she is largely disconnected from the main storyline. This is surprising considering that her character’s relationship with Momoa’s serves as a central plot point. Some of the reported lines she delivers are noted for their minimal impact and even being deemed laughable.

Instead of Heard taking center stage, Momoa and Patrick Wilson take the lead, forming the central narrative of the film. Other actors such as Yahya Abdul-Mateen and Nicole Kidman also play significant roles.

The decision to downplay Amber Heard’s role was anticipated, dating back to 2022 during the trial where Johnny Depp sued her. Hamada, in a deposition, explained that the studio opted to sideline her due to a perceived lack of chemistry between her and Momoa, preferring a different storyline.

Despite speculations that this decision was influenced by the ongoing legal issues with Depp, the studio denied such claims. Regardless, Heard appears to be an afterthought in the film.

After Johnny Depp’s legal victory, some pledged to boycott the film if Heard wasn’t removed. However, it’s unclear whether the “Amber factor” contributed to the film’s box office performance, which, despite topping the charts, falls short of superhero movie standards. ‘Aquaman 2’ is projected to make around $40 million through Monday, leading the holiday weekend but facing challenges in meeting expectations.

Notably, Amber Heard was absent from the film’s press run, which was understated and lacked an official premiere. It seems Warner Bros./DC is ready to move forward and shift the focus away from the controversies surrounding the actress.

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