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NSYNC Crashes the Party on Justin Timberlake’s New Album

by eyesonhollywood
Justin Timberlake just dropped the ultimate nostalgia bomb, confirming that the legendary boyband NSYNC will be reuniting for a track on his upcoming album, “Everything I Thought It Was.”

Fans were already in a frenzy after Timberlake’s low-key TikTok confession, where he blinked way more than twice when asked about a collaboration with his former bandmates. Now, the rumor mill is officially going into overdrive as the album’s tracklist has been released, revealing that NSYNC is gracing the penultimate song, aptly titled “Paradise.”

This marks a monumental moment for fans who grew up with NSYNC‘s infectious tunes and synchronized dance moves. It’s the first time since their 2002 hiatus that all five members – JC Chasez, Joey Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick, Lance Bass, and of course, Timberlake himself – will be hitting the studio together.

“Everything I Thought It Was” drops on March 15th, and the internet is already collectively freaking out. While details of the collaboration remain under wraps, the mere confirmation of NSYNC‘s involvement has sparked feverish speculation about a potential full-blown reunion.

Is this a one-time thing, or the start of a stadium-filling tour that will have millennials reliving their teenage dreams? We don’t have the crystal ball (yet), but one thing’s for sure: get ready to dust off your old NSYNC merch, crank up the volume on “Bye Bye Bye,” and prepare for a major dose of early 2000s nostalgia! This is definitely a collaboration that’s going to leave fans saying “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It” all over again.

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