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Introducing the Versatile and Inspiring Journey of Steve Stanulis

by eyesonhollywood
Steve Stanulis is a name that rings a bell in the world of entertainment, and he’s been a notable figure for over a decade. Before making a name for himself as an award-winning actor, producer, director, and published author, he had a fascinating journey as an NYPD cop. But that was just the beginning of his story. Steve’s career took a remarkable turn when he transitioned into the world of professional security, guarding some of the biggest names in showbiz, including Kim Kardashian and her former husband, Kanye West (Ye). His story is proof that it’s never too late to make a career switch and explore new horizons.

Steve Stanulis has earned a reputation for his unparalleled work ethic and his unwavering commitment to going the extra mile for success. He’s not just hard-working; he’s also fearless when it comes to trying something new and different. This fearless approach is what has led him to achieve tremendous success over the years.

When asked about his incredible journey, Steve Stanulis is open and candid. He emphasizes the importance of making connections with the right people and nurturing those professional relationships to gain valuable knowledge and experience personal and professional growth. “I’ve never been the kind of person who is too afraid to put myself out there,” says Mr. Stanulis. “I love getting creative and coming up with new ideas for different projects. If you remain dedicated to what you’re doing and take things step-by-step, you can set yourself up for success. It simply takes a willingness to work hard and lots of consistency.”

A Passion for Greatness: Steve Stanulis’ Exciting Film and Documentary Ventures

Steve Stanulis has been working tirelessly for several years to create some of the most captivating films and documentaries. His directorial debut, “5th Borough,” starring Tara Reid and James Russo, tells the heartwarming story of a father, Niko, who must raise a substantial amount of money to cover his daughter’s medical expenses after she’s diagnosed with a brain tumor. The film strikes a chord with viewers while keeping them on the edge of their seats.

But “5th Borough” is just the beginning. Steve has also directed “Chronicle of a Serial Killer,” released in 2020, featuring DMX, James Russo, and Brendan Sexton, and “Monica,” starring Emily Browning and Patricia Clarkson.

Steve Stanulis shows no signs of slowing down. His latest project, “15 Days with Kanye,” is an intriguing documentary that offers a behind-the-scenes look at the American rap artist. This revealing documentary will premiere on January 19th at the New York City International Film Festival.

“I’m incredibly excited for the world to see what I’ve been working on for quite some time,” shares Stanulis. “I think it’s important for people to understand what figures like Kanye are really like behind the scenes and how their behaviors can impact those around them. Despite any backlash, I’ve continued to push forward and complete the film, which I believe provides an honest perspective. Not everyone will agree with the light I’m shedding on one of America’s most recognized rappers. However, I know many are prepared to be entertained by what I’ve put together and look forward to learning more about my experiences of dealing with Kanye firsthand.”

“This documentary isn’t defamatory, which is why I can finally release it to the public. Instead, it’s about sharing my experiences and my side of the story of working with such a big name in music. I also believe that he has some issues and is currently in a self-destructive mode, where he could probably use help. I’m not taking things personally; I’m just giving people a realistic view of what it was like to work in such a crazy, hectic environment with unconventional rules.”

Steve wants to make it clear that the documentary isn’t about bashing the artist.

But that’s not all! Steve Stanulis has even more exciting projects in the pipeline. He’s currently working on an eight-episode dark comedy mockumentary that follows a hitman and promises wild twists and turns. Stay tuned for more details on this collaboration with Great Kills Network in the coming weeks.

Steve’s knack for capturing raw footage and turning it into something incredible is what sets his films and documentaries apart. When asked about his storytelling process, he emphasizes the importance of a good script, genre, and budget. He collaborates with casting agencies to understand the funding and cast members required for each project, ultimately determining the budget. “It all comes down to having a genuinely good script, which I feel is most important,” he adds.

Steve Stanulis has also built a massive social media following, with 1.6 million organic followers. Many people admire him for his unique success story, from his days at Chippendales to becoming an NYPD officer, then working as a bodyguard for celebrities, and finally, diving into the entertainment industry.

For those looking to follow in his footsteps, Steve offers some valuable advice. He emphasizes the importance of hard work and consistency, especially for parents who wish to support their children’s dreams in the entertainment industry. “The entertainment industry is wonderful, but it has its ups and downs. Parents who want their children to succeed need to be present and aware of everything. Go for your dreams, but be cautious and informed,” he advises.

With Steve Stanulis’ dedication to pushing boundaries and his creative mindset, there’s no doubt that we can look forward to more captivating projects from this versatile artist. For the latest updates on Steve’s upcoming ventures, follow him on Instagram.

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