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Kevin Leroy, Jack of All Trades, is Going to Hit the Big Screen in Pure Blue

by eyesonhollywood
Overcoming struggles like drug addiction, gangs, and promiscuity requires strength, resilience, and determination.

It involves facing demons, confronting traumas, and making tough choices to break free. Seeking help, building support, and committing to growth, individuals replace harmful behaviors with positive coping mechanisms, rediscovering purpose and self-love. Each step forward represents triumph over adversity, embracing change for a life of hope and fulfillment.

Kevin Leroy is one such man that is on the end of dealing with these struggles, and is pursuing a better life in Hollywood and on the big screen. Leroy is an amazing public speaker, with experience talking in front of crowds and on camera as a film actor. He also has a passion for MMA, and says his idol is Bruce Lee- though he is inspired by the traditional film “bad boys” like Will Smith.

In one previous project, Good Cop Baddie Cop, Leroy provides an amazing supporting character as Detective Griffin. Playing a detective gave Leroy respect through a deeper insight on what it is like to “wear a badge,” as he puts it. In his current project, Pure Blue, Leroy also learned further what being a cop is all about. As an actor, Leroy also finds it important to work well with the cast and crew helping produce the film, and he greatly enjoyed the process when shooting Pure Blue. As he said, it “help[s] me to better develop the character and to be as authentic as I can.” 

Leroy is working on several projects aside from the current Pure Blue; he has an upcoming film called Lone Rode, and is sure to bring his dedication and passion for the art of film in any of his roles.

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