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How Miss Ken Practices Self Care

by eyesonhollywood

Miss Ken is on the rise, but balancing a fabulous popstar lifestyle and preparing to get your degree is not easy. The singer revealed on her 2nd episode of “Vlogs W Kenzyi” that she is studying to become a nurse. College students know that handling school and life can be a balancing act. Here’s how Miss Ken practices self care amid all the stress.


Miss Ken loves to meditate. Meditation can be a great way for college students to relieve stress and practice mindfulness.


What do you do after a long day of recording your album and taking nursing classes right after leaving the studio? Miss Ken also revealed on Vlogs that she “loves” Netflix, and enjoys binge watching a good series back to back.

Who doesn’t, right?

Aromatherapy Candles

Miss Ken said she enjoys aromatherapy candles and even made the announcement she’s working to get into the candle business. When fans asked why she shut down Miss Ken Cosmetics, she revealed she was not a “business person” but could see herself re-entering that space for something she is truly passionate about. Balancing being a future nurse and a pop star on the rise, Miss Ken practices self care to keep herself healthy while working day and night to get what she wants. All college students can probably agree that self care is very important.

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