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Meet MAJIC, the Los Angeles Band With So Many Layers to Discover

by eyesonhollywood
From Will J Hair (guitar), Randy Paine (drums), and Dave Annan (vocals), MAJIC conjure up a sense of nostalgia with their variety of sounds ranging from chill radio tunes, raging anthems, and headbanging hard rock. Even their name, MAJIC, exemplifies the band’s commitment to staying genre-less, and the band prides themselves on their versatility with sound. The band focuses on a forward-thinking mentality and are always looking to bring a fresh new edge to their music. Their new album brings that goal to fruition.

MAJIC’s new album, The Room, leans into rock and blends influences from alternative, classic, and progressive rock sounds. With not a dull song in the album, The Room is a true testament to how MAJIC leans into different influences in music, can combine them into the same album, and maintain a cohesive, yet innovative, sound. The Room is, according to MAJIC, an album of songs of greatest hits from Los Angeles.

104.7 KISS FM in Alabama was the first major radio station to pick up MAJIC, and for The Room’s popularity, the band has been awarded a Gold Record Award from KISS FM’s own DJ Bryant Corbitt. Their popularity in the South has led to more radio plays across the region in South Carolina and Texas.

Meet MAJIC, the Los Angeles Band With So Many Layers to Discover

MAJIC’s radio success is only the beginning; the band is being streamed heavily in Mexico, and a documentary was aired in Brazil about their band’s story. The band have already performed at world-class venues around the world like Whiskey A-Go-Go in West Hollywood, California, House of Blues in Anaheim, California, and BB Kings in Universal Studios, California. Furthermore, “A Love Like Yours and Mine” spent 3 weeks at the top of the UK FM Talk Radio 100 Chart.

With the band’s motto being “never surrender,” MAJIC is sure to make it far in the music industry and let the whole world know who they are.

Listen to MAJIC on YouTube.

Listen to The Room here.

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