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Ninjai – The Little Ninja: The Anticipated Anime Feature is Finally Here

by eyesonhollywood
It is no secret that Japanese cinema and its characters have been the motivation behind some of the most influential films in America. Filmmakers internationally are inspired by Japanese movies due to the characters being powerful which audiences applaud to.

With the first animated feature length film released during war time Japan in 1945 began what became a series of Japanese let flicks through many diverse styles and eras. Since then, it has grown to a multi-Billion-dollar industry. Since then, we have seen a phenomenon of anime features being seen all over the world. Netflix has reached record breaking views as children and adults in America are glued to the screen. Making its own niche in books, tv shows and film, Ninjas have been a staple of Japanese story telling for centuries.

There’s a new cowboy in town or should I say “Ninja”. Making its way to our screens, there’s a new upcoming animated feature film by the name of Ninjai: The Little Ninja. It is produced by a few artists and friends that call themselves the Ninjai Gang. Even though they are not new to the game, Ninjai: The Little Ninja looks to be their first major release. The trailer for Ninjai that was released look amazing. Insane graphics, top notch animation, great soundtrack followed by an incredible storyline. looks like Ninjai film will be the hit it is meant to be.

When asked about the show, Ninjai: The Little Ninja, from the developers we were told…

“Ninjai is a very popular anime series. As seen in the trailer, the lead character is seen to be wandering through jungles and contemplating with himself about life’s purpose and looking for the meaning of life it is origin.”

Anime series are known for the dramatic effects, visuals and background music and let me tell you…they did not stop short here.


The web series is expected to be released with a few seasons, may be two seasons with 10–12 episodes in each season. Once it is online, it will be available in major online streaming platforms, however quick unofficial videos can be checked here in this YouTube channel. The Little Ninja web series are long awaited by the ninjas fans and hopefully it is expected to end soon.

With Covid hitting the Entertainment world hard we are awaiting on news that this year, the full series may be available for public viewing, so the ninja lovers can go for a full-on binge when Ninjai is out later this year 2022.

In the mean time you can enjoy a variety of fan-made trailers that have been uploaded on the unofficial channel of Ninjai. More information, teasers, and speculations about this unique and interesting story can be found on Ninjai – The Little Ninja un-official accounts on Vimeo, Medium, and Twitter.

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