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Van Hechter on all album that’s damn hot: ”Hot Damn!”

by eyesonhollywood
Van Hechter has been releasing singles these last few years- many of which have charted in the U.S.
Chicago, NYC, California and Florida love him: He’s had regular radio airplay in all areas. France and the UK recently became interested in his funky sound, smart lyrics & fashion sense. He’s become an underground star, and he’s brilliant at it! But the last time Van Hechter launched an album was 2020- and we were at the start of what would become a global pandemic… He waited and waited to come out with a full collection of new tracks…
Fast forward to now, he’s about to drop ”Hot Damn!!” and we want to know all about it because he truly is an unusual talent who just gets better!

This new album ”Hot Damn!” is more disco than ever, isn’t it?

It absolutely is! But ”new” disco. We aren’t copying old songs, just emulating a spirit. Eryck Wyseman and I really went for catchy 4 to the floor bounce that sticks in the head!

Is there a global theme to ”Hot Damn!”?

”When thrown lemons make the damn best lemonade you can”! That’s the theme. And disco is perfect to accompany it because it never dies: it reinvents itself perpetually then goes on. ”Hot Damn!!” is an album of hope, a celebration of life- as hard as life can be at times…”

This is more ”intimate” than your usual way of writing… Not that you’ve never spoken about love but you tend to make social humorous commentaries. The topic of resilience implies you’ve revealed more about the guy behind the image…

Well, I don’t want to repeat myself and this angle seemed new. I’ve had a very tumultuous last 4 years. I thought: ”Why not talk about it?”
3 songs are about a crazy passion that ended in absolute disaster: I learned a lot about myself raising from the ground in ways I never knew I was capable of… One song is a message to my downstairs neighbor turned adopted baby brother when he was going through absolute hell. Another is a letter I wrote to my best friend and myself when we were both fighting to get our ideas across in established narrow systems… Not one track ends on a negative though: it’s all about getting out of bad situations and making the best of what’s thrown at us.

So when does ”Hot Damn!” come out?

Mid-April on all platforms and I know this is a California magazine but if anyone reading happens to be in Montreal on March 21st, I am doing a pre-launch party at a super cool place called: Le Protocole Kinky Lounge. It’s a BDSM venue that also serves food for foodies. I just love it- especially the owners: had to do the party there! I’ll sing our new tracks with a new Vanette at my side: Thalia N. Eryck will spin between live appearances. We’ll do slapstick… It’ll be a blast. Great way to start a new adventure!

Will there be a video?

Yes, it comes out on the date of the pre-launch party: March 21st. It features actor Boyd Bissel. Camera truly loves that man: such charisma!

Last: I MUST ask. How do you explain this love affair between Americans and yourself?

That’s part magic. I really don’t fully understand it. I can tell you one thing: I am more than at home in Florida, NYC, California… The love affair is mutual, too: they like me but I love’em back! I’m always stopped on the street or honked at over there, women ask for kisses! It’s a bit crazy and surreal. But this has a ricochet effect: I make many friends as a result, most of which become lifelong…

Watch Van Hechter’s video HERE

Get Tickets to the Montreal pre-launch if anyone should be visiting Canada on March 21st 2024

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