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Importance of Branding

by eyesonhollywood

Matthius Hanna is an experienced expert in financial sales and digital marketing is famously known for his highly sold “100 Day Challenge”, developed in 2016 that equips entrepreneurs with the courage to overcome their comfort zone. MH Enterprise and The Way of Business TV have successfully billed and continue to mentor companies and customers on digital marketing and saw the customer acquisition problem, task consequently boosting sales.

Here are a few of his famous Tips on Branding and the Success behind it:

Branding yourself and your business is crucial to your individual success and especially that of your business enterprise. In the business and corporate world, a brand is the identity and personality of your business, and it is firmly integrated within the business goals, mission, values, theme colors and logos. For an individual, branding makes you stand out and up-to-date with the current needs and demands in a given profession or field. Branding enhances a positive perception of customers towards you and insurance customers loyalty, fast gaining new customers while retaining the existing customers. The successful entrepreneur and business coach Matthius Hanna, who started his career and financial sales, explains the importance of branding yourself and your business enterprise.

Branding Helps Your Business Stand Out Above the Rest

Whether a business or individual, a brand is typically determined by the products or services, it offers to its target customers. This calls for creating a business image that is consistent with what the business delivers, and customers can quickly identify with the brand. For instance, WordPress has created an exceptionally strong brand image by linking its brand with its content management services. The images, logos, colors, uniforms, and other identifying factors should not only be simply straightforward but should exclusively convey the products or services offered to the market.

Branding Creates and Maintains Customer Loyalty

Every entrepreneur does not just want one – time customers but longs to have a long-term return client that will purchase existing and new products and services offered. Good branding ensures that a business organization or an individual has a good relationship strengthened by unique brand identity. Branding taps into customers emotions and connects them to the brand just like Coca-Cola does with his family and home situation marketing approach. You want to create loyal customers. You now know you must work on your business branding.

Brandon Creates Trust

Gaining and maintaining your customers trust is essential for business sustainability and development. Creating this trust is not easy, especially with poor branding strategies in business organizations. Effective branding with a clear and precise professional identity makes customers trust the business as it indicates how the company is well established, organized, and credible, worthy of trust. Therefore, investing in your branding is essential as it makes customers and stakeholders trust you, thus quickly engaging with the business.

Branding Improves Your Advertising

Your business cannot make its high target sales without efficiently advertising its products and services. Branding and advertising are two sides of the same coin, and they go hand-in-hand as they complement each other. Having a strong brand enhances your advertising campaigns. Branding ensures that every advertising campaign is cohesive and aligned with the business identity making it easy for target customers to take the bait quickly. When branding and advertising are aligned, the brand will be easily recognizable and create an unstoppable movement of buyers like Apple Inc. does with its products.

Branding Improves Employee Morale

Branding helps your employees feel part of the organization and have a strong sense of belonging, directly enhancing customer satisfaction and leading to business success. Well branded apparel uniforms and merchandise will advertise your business enterprise and motivate your employees. Furthermore, branding makes the employees uniform, thus creating unity and working collectively.


You can appeal to your customers emotions and make them connected and identifiable with your business through affective branding. A strong relationship with the customers quickly turns them into loyal customers. Branding also improves customer satisfaction through employee motivation and feeling part of your business.

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