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Unfiltered with Applegate & Sigler: MS, BFFs & Keeping it Real

by eyesonhollywood
Christina Applegate and Jamie-Lynn Sigler are serving up some serious #RealTalk with their new podcast, “Messy.”  These besties are getting raw and real about their experiences living with MS, an autoimmune disease that impacts the nervous system.

“MS wasn’t exactly the BFF we were hoping for,” Sigler dished to People magazine, “but hey, it brought us together!”  Applegate, who bravely shared her MS diagnosis in 2021, totally gets the supportive sisterhood vibe.

(FYI, Sigler’s been a boss babe living with MS for two whole decades! )

Applegate recently got vulnerable on “Good Morning America” about navigating her diagnosis.  In a sneak peek, she opened up about the ongoing process of processing the news and the adjustments it requires.

“It’s not exactly living my best life every day,” she admitted. “But I’m holding onto hope for progress.  Right now, prioritizing self-care is my jam, and that might mean some serious couch time. It’s a journey, and I’m taking it one step (or chill session) at a time.”

“Messy” promises to be a space for open conversations, relatable struggles, and a healthy dose of humor as Applegate and Sigler navigate life with MS.  They’re hoping to inspire others living with chronic illness and show that even when life gets messy, there’s strength in vulnerability and community.

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