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Winter Closet Essentials

by eyesonhollywood
The winter 2022 season has officially arrived.

Why not freshen up your winter wardrobe for the new year? This winter, we’re seeing basic classics with an elevated twist take the fashion world by storm. These closet essentials will help take your winter wardrobe to the next level.

Photo by Moses Janga on Unsplash

Turtleneck sweaters

Chic without needing a scarf to keep your neck warm, turtlenecks can be found made with all different kinds of materials. From thin layering pieces to put under crewnecks to your final outer layer, a turtleneck is a classic option for any winter.

Photo by Azat Satlykov on Unsplash

Nice Coat

Everyone has the puffer coat that wraps around your body and makes you look like a worm. And while that look is appropriate for every day, you need a nice coat for the evening or when your coat needs to be the outfit. Try a sleek black coat with fur (or faux fur) trim, a camel coat with tortoise buttons, or even a puffer coat made out of leather.

Photo by Alex Shaw on Unsplash

Fleece Lined Tights

Nude fleece lined tights create the illusion that you are wearing normal tights with your skirt. Though tights are already warm, fleece lined tights create a thermal layer around your skin while tricking other people into thinking you’re wearing normal tights on a cold day.

Photo by Sen Lee on Unsplash

Sweater Dresses

Perfect for those wintry occasions where you have to look nice but still be warm to avoid hypothermia. Pair with your nice coat for date night, an office party, or New Year’s Eve!

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Nice Jewelry

When your coat has to be the outfit, make sure you can accessorize wherever possible! Big earrings can add a touch of personality to an all-black coat look.

These tips are meant to help you stay stylish and fashionable all throughout the winter season, but make sure to let your personal style shine through, too. Use items you already have in your closet, and buy clothes you know you will love. Happy New Year!

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