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Raw Foods, The Health Trend Taking Over LA

by eyesonhollywood

Eating raw foods is a way to give your body some of the nutrition it desperately needs. Raw and natural foods are the craze right now in LA, with juice shops and organic restaurants popping up on every corner. Celebrities in Hollywood are obsessed with eating natural, nutritious foods, like vegetables, nuts and fruit. All the processed, cooked foods we eat give us only a small percentage of what we need. Consequently, we eat and eat and yet we’re still not nourished. Psychologists try to tell us we’re eating to make up for an emptiness in our souls. Wrong! Our bodies are empty and trying to tell us so.

Eating raw foods is good for us on so many levels. It’s satisfying to eat them. They take more time to chew and swallow, so we don’t eat as fast. And we’re getting so much more in the way of nutrition by consuming fruits, vegetables, nuts and sprouts.

It can take time to prepare raw foods, however. Which is why a juicer is an important addition to your kitchen once your start to be serious about raw foods. A good juicer can process an entire apple – seeds, stems, peel, pulp and all – and turn all that into a healthy, nutritious juice. Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Kim K make fresh celery juice every morning. Drinking it every day is said to help with things like digestive issues, skin conditions, migraines, fatigue, autoimmune illnesses, and brain fog.

Buying apple juice is NOT the same thing!!! Don’t even look at apple juices or even ciders in the grocery store. Put that $2 or $3 aside and save up for a juicer. Buy bags of apples, orange, bananas, carrots and make your own juices to get everything from the fruit that you’d get by eating it raw. Now you’re getting juice that’s as fresh as the fruit or vegetable you made it from. No preservatives, no processing that strips most of the energy from the fruit. And think of all the delicious combinations you can make with the many tropical fruits that are available now in most grocery stores. You can customize your fruits and add non-typical ingredients like pineapple to an orange juice. Now that’s a powerhouse of a juice!

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